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Munir Chowdhury’s full name is Abu Nayem Mohammad Munir Chowdhury. Born in Bangladesh, Manikganj on November 26, 1925. He was a playwright and essayist by profession. SSC from Dhaka College in 1941 and HS from Aligarh Muslim University in 1243. C passed. He then passed Honors 1947 and Masters 1948 in English from Dhaka University. At the university in 1943, he won the Provost’s Cup as the best speaker in the hall for his oratory skills. In 1947 he won the highest number of prizes in the All Bengal Literary Competition. As a student, he wrote a play on Raja’s birthday, which was staged by the Student Parliament. He addressed the first student assembly held on the premises of Dhaka University on 6 December 1948 demanding that Bengali be made one of the state languages ​​of Pakistan. In March 1948, Munir Chowdhury joined the Second Congress of the Communist Party of India. Towards the end of the same year he was elected secretary of the Pragati Writers’ Association. Munir Chowdhury joined Brajlal College in Khulna in 1949 as a professor of English. He joined Jagannath College in Dhaka in 1950 and in August of the same year was appointed a temporary lecturer in English at Dhaka University. Munir Chowdhury took active part in the language movement of 1952 and was taken prisoner by the government of Pakistan. This play is known as his best play. In 1954, while a security prisoner, he successfully passed the MA final examination and passed the master’s degree in Bengali. He joined Dhaka University on 15 November 1954 as a temporary lecturer in English. He became a lecturer in Bengali in April 1956. In late 1958, he went to the United States on a Rockefeller Scholarship and in 1956 obtained another master’s degree in linguistics from Harvard University. He returned to the country in September of that year. In 1972, he was appointed as a temporary reader. Mir Manas won the Dawood Award for his collection of essays in 1975 and the title of Sitara-i-Imtiaz for his collection of journalistic essays on the Pak-India war, Ranangan 198. In 1975, at the initiative of the Central Bangla Development Board, he developed a high quality keyboard for Bengali typewriters called Munir Optima. When Muhammad Abdul Hai died prematurely in 1979, Munir Chowdhury became the head of the Bangla Department at Dhaka University. On 14 December 1971, Munir Chowdhury was abducted from his father’s house by al-Badr, an ally of the Pakistani army, and was probably killed on the same day.
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