10 brickfields along 4 km road

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Everywhere in the brickfields, the rural roads are in disarray




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Illegal brick kiln aggression has destroyed rural roads, crops, fruits, trees as well as caused extreme damage to the environment. In this way, as the crop lands are being destroyed due to the aggression of innumerable brick kilns, the protected forests are being destroyed. Being upset, the environment. The fertile and fertile surface soil of the crop land is being used to make bricks in the brick field by destroying the crop land. This is reducing the fertile power of the land. Land is losing its ability to produce crops.

The rural roads of Ghatail upazila are getting disrupted due to the construction of brickfields everywhere. Most of the rural roads in the upazila are getting damaged due to truck loading with more soil and bricks than the capacity. As a result, the roads built at the cost of crores of rupees have become almost impassable.


Jamuria Union,

There is a paved rural road of about 4 km from Gunagram to Sandhanpur in Jamuria union of the upazila. 10 brickfields have been built along this road. Although the movement of freight trucks weighing more than ten tons on rural paved roads is strictly prohibited, forty tons of trucks transport soil, coal and bricks daily at these lowlands. As a result, in just one year of construction, this vital road was completely destroyed and rendered impassable.

Soil is being taken to the brickfields by heavy trucks every day from the villages of Kalidaspara, Karna, Galganda, Doujani and Taraganj. The road, which was renovated two years ago, is now badly damaged by truck wheels and is unusable. The road is dusty in the dry season and muddy in the rainy season. A high school in the area Three government primary school students are traveling to school at risk. The old bridges on these roads are also at serious risk due to heavy truck transport.


Dhalapara Union,

There are 15 brickfields along the Dhalapara-Pecharata-Rasulpur road. The condition of this road is also very miserable. The road was renovated a year and a half ago. At present, potholes have been created in different parts of the road and it has become unsuitable for traffic. The same condition of almost all the rural roads of the upazila was observed on the spot.


Rasulpur Union,

Van driver Ramzan Ali of Pecharata area of ​​the upazila said, what is the benefit of paving the road? The road has been completed by brick kiln soil and brick pull truck. The van cannot be driven due to dust and breakage. Faruk Hossain Dhala, general secretary of the Upazila Brickfield Owners’ Association, said rural roads were used as there was no alternative road.
According to the Upazila Engineer’s Office, there are about 300 kilometers of paved roads in Ghatail Upazila in three categories. Of which upazila road is 75 km, union road is 60 km, A-class rural road is 104 km and B-class rural road is 20 km. Besides, there are 1,250 kilometers of unpaved roads.

The last floods have caused extensive damage to 150 km of 34 roads. The roads have been damaged due to the pressure of mud and brick vehicles. At the same time the damage is being done to the rural unpaved roads. As the brick kiln owners are influential, the affected people are not getting any benefit even after protesting.


Shahjalal University of Science and Technology,

If you want to know about the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Professor of Civil Engineering. Mohammad Zahir bin Alam said that the government law clearly states that there can be no brick kiln in any residential area and there is no question next to the children’s school. If you want to design a brick kiln, you have to have a furnace of one hundred and twenty feet.10 brickfields along 4 km road

And if this reactor is not at a height of one hundred and twenty feet, then carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide (ESPIM) means that the dust enters the nervous system of children and will cause severe damage to the health of children. If there are trees in that area, it will be destroyed. And the biggest problem of brick kiln is that it completely destroys the growth of plants. Besides, it completely destroys the fertility of the land so that there will be no crops in the surrounding land. As long as the smoke from this brick kiln lasts for a short time or a long time, the inhalation of children will have an impact on their nervous system.

Upazila engineer Waliar Rahman said no one listens to anyone. Rural roads will not be able to survive unless steel barricades are erected on the roads.10 brickfields along 4 km road


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