41 thousand complaints in a single comment from the presenter of ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ show

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The presenter of ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ show had to say goodbye to the interview. ITV presenter Pierce Morgan commented on the interview of the Harry-Megan couple who left the British royal family on CBS News. News Reuters.

He has been presenting the show for six years. Last Monday, 41 thousand viewers complained about Morgan’s comments on his show about Prince Harry’s wife, Megan Merkel. The British media regulator Ofcom has since launched an investigation. As a result, Morgan had to leave Good Morning Britain.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on CBS News last Sunday, Megan Merkel revealed her emotional turmoil while in the royal family. The next day Morgan commented on his show, he doesn’t believe Megan.

Megan Merkel told Winfrey that she was no better than the lavish life of the British royal family. He was so isolated and lonely from his family that he lost the will to live for a while. Thought to commit suicide. Megan also went to Buckingham Palace superiors to get help. His claim, he was rejected from them.

The next day Morgan commented on his show, ‘Who did you (Megan) go to? What did they tell you? I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word from Megan Merkel. “Morgan said,” I think her attack is hateful against our royal family.

According to BBC Online, Ofcom received 41,000 complaints against Morgan for making such comments about Megan. ITV confirmed Morgan’s departure in an announcement when the company launched an investigation.

A spokesman for the British TV channel told the BBC that Pierce Morgan had decided in discussions with ITV that it was time for him to leave the show “Good Morning Britain”. ITV has taken this decision.

In a message on Twitter on Wednesday (March 10) morning, Pierce Morgan said everyone has the freedom to express their views. In a broadcast interview with the Harry and Megan couple, I just expressed my views.