8 fined for anti-RAB operation in Sirajganj, Bangladesh

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A team of RAB-12 has conducted a campaign against banned products and adulteration in Sirajganj district headquarters. The day-long operation was conducted on Tuesday (February 18).

At the time, six people were fined a total of Tk 1.18 lakh by a mobile court for selling sexually provocative prohibited products and making adulterated molasses using banned chemicals in a polluted environment.

The mobile court was conducted by Executive Magistrate Mr. Faisal Ahmed. Drug super in the presence of Mr. Ahsan Habib for selling sexually arousing prohibited products to 6 companies 36 thousand five rupees.

Consumer Rights Mobile Team Assistant Director Mr. Mahmud Hasan ordered a fine of Tk 60,000 for making adulterated molasses using banned chemicals in a polluted environment in the presence of Rony.

During the operation, 26 sexually stimulating products like ginseng and about 400 kg of adulterated molasses were seized and destroyed.


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