Although he won the war of independence, he lost the war of life


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‘Have you ever seen the defeat of life in the burning of sorrow to prevent its decay ….’. Tile tile its decay … He gives joy to people by listening to songs. Hat-bazaar, tea shop, filling station, bus stand where people gather. Some are happy and give five rupees, ten rupees and some 100 rupees. He leaves home in the morning and returns home in the evening with what he has been drinking all day. He is a heroic freedom fighter. It takes his honor to beg as a freedom fighter. So sell the voice. His singing voice is extraordinary. Lately or the body is not going well. There is fever all the time. Walk with a stick. Still out of stomach. He met her on Tuesday afternoon in front of Ghatail College Junction Bangshai Guest House. Talking to him while listening to the song. Name Dilip Kumar Dey (60). The house is in Bagutia Uttarpara village of Kalihati upazila of Tangail.
Dilip said, I fought in the liberation war in sector number 11. Under Colonel Taher. When I felt bad, I would sing. I lost many comrades at that time. When the bullets fired by the assailants hit the chest, the friends next to them would tremble and die, causing great pain. After the country became independent, when the traffic on the road started, I came back home. When he came home, he did not find any sign of the house. All were burnt by the invading forces. “Now I am at war again, fighting for my livelihood,” he said. From time to time I have borrowed money from people, brought money at high interest and married four sisters and two daughters. I borrow the money I get as a freedom fighter without seeing any upayantura. Which has not yet been repaid. His wife Malati De died a few years ago. Now it seems big alone! He also has two sons, married. The eldest son rents another CNG, the youngest is a hairdresser. The sons do not go with their wives and children with what they earn. He said, sing songs for the sake of life, songs of the old days. I give joy to people for a short time. There is no need to give up because you are happy. It has been very difficult to walk during this epidemic in Corona. People do not want to come near for fear. So I don’t get money like before.
Not wanting to get a hand from people, Dilip wants to eat something at the end of his life. If it is a small shop, it will work. He said that he would accept any help in this work.
‘Have you ever seen the defeat of life burn in sorrow, prevent it in its decay ….’ After singing the song, Dilip, who won the war of independence and lost the war of life, said goodbye. He sighed on the way. Sutra, Samakal