Archaeological pearls recovered, arrested in RAB operation in Natore, Bangladesh

Global New News EN . pic .399 - Archaeological pearls recovered, arrested in RAB operation in Natore, Bangladesh
Global New News EN . pic .399
RAB raids Singra in Natore to recover ancient archeological statues worth crores of rupees

Archaeological pearls recovered, arrested in RAB operation in Natore, Bangladesh


Global New News Desk – 

Archaeological pearls recovered, arrested in RAB operation in Natore, Bangladesh RAB-12 has arrested 03 people including ancient archeological statues (similar to wooden stones) at a cost of crores of rupees in a RAB operation in Singra, Natore district. According to RAB, Rapid Action

Since its inception, the Battalion (RAB) has been playing a leading role in bringing all kinds

of criminals under the purview of the law with a view to maintaining the overall law and

order situation in the country.

The RAB has been conducting regular raids to nab militants, terrorists, organized criminals, snatchers, gamblers, drug dealers, murderers and kidnappers in various sensational cases so.

Based on secret information,

In this series, on Wednesday (June 2) at around 4:15 pm on the basis of secret news, RAB-

12 Deputy Commander Major Md. Mashiur Rahman, PSC led the operation.

A vigilante expedition team of RAB-12’s Sadar Company conducted a raid on the residence

of Hasidul member of Choupukuria village in Union 04 ward 12 under Singra police station in Natore district.

The arrested accused are,

At that time, the ancient archeological (wood-stone-like) black statue weighed 36.5 (thirty-six kilograms five hundred grams) kg, the length of the statue was 02 feet 08 inches and the width was 1 foot 02 inches. 03 members of the ring were arrested during the sale and purchase through illegal smugglers. Besides, 02 mobiles were recovered from them.

Shri Dulal Chandra Sarkar (30), father- Biren Chandra Sarkar,
Md. Shamim Talukder (32), father- Abul Talukder, both Sang Belta,
Md. Belayet Pramanik (32), father- Ayojdi Pramanik, Sang- Beas Para, Sarb Thana- Singra, District- Natore so.

Handed over to Singra police station,

The arrested accused had filed a case under Section 25B (1) (A) / 25D of the Special

Powers Act, 1974 and  handed over to Singra Police Station, Natore District along with the recovered evidence so.

RAB-12  committed to the formation of Sonar Bangla  keeping such anti-fraud and anti-smuggling campaigns active so.
Inform RAB-12 – Participate in building a drug-free, fraudulent, armed and militant-free Bangladesh so.




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