BJP’s downfall: Mamata’s victory, sworn in today

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BJP’s downfall: Mamata’s victory, sworn in today


What Modi said in the tweet

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BJP’s downfall: Mamata’s victory, sworn in today; Finally, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke the silence. He finally opened his mouth about the results of the West Bengal elections. Modi congratulated Mamata Banerjee for the victory.

On Twitter, Modi wrote, “Thank you Mamata Banerjee.” The Prime Minister also wrote, “The Center will do everything possible to help the West Bengal government in the event of a corona epidemic.”


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


It is to be noted that the central ruling party BJP had jumped into the occupation of West Bengal this time. After the rise of the BJP in Bengal in the 19th Lok Sabha elections, Modi-

Amit Shahra entered the hall in full force with the aim of building a ‘golden Bengal’. In the Ekushey election campaign, Mamata Banerjee vs. Narendra Modi has become a hot topic in Bengal politics.

Modi’s call ‘Didi O Didi’ was followed by heated political discussions and criticism. On the other hand, Mamata attacked Modi with harsh language. Mamtai smiled at Ekushey’s

verdict. In this context, it is believed that Modi’s congratulations to Mamata on Twitter at the end of the counting of votes brought another dimension. On the other hand, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also wished Mamata victory.

The non-BJP parties are overwhelmed by Mamata’s victory. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut and Mehbooba Mufti congratulated Mamata on her victory.

It is to be noted that Mamata became the anti-BJP face in the 19th Lok Sabha elections. With today’s victory, Mamata could play a key role in the BJP’s opposition at the national level, according to a section of observers.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


Commenting on Mamata’s victory, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said, “Mamata Banerjee has given a clear message that Modiji and Amit Shahji are not invincible. They too can be lost. ‘

Congratulating the Trinamool chief on his victory, Arvind Kejriwal wrote, “What a great fight. Congratulations to Mamta for the victory. Congratulations to the people of Bengal. ‘

Mamata has defeated the BJP in the politics of hatred, in the same language SP leader Akhilesh congratulated. In her words, “Didi and Didi have been called worthy answers.”

Kashmir PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti also wished Mamata Banerjee victory.

The first thing Mamata Banerjee did to keep the ‘promise’ when the news of the victory came,

The hat-trick of victory … After winning the battle of Ekushey, the Trinamool supremo rushed to a special place to keep his promise … Mamata Banerjee took refuge here in joy and danger.

He promised before the election that he would return after receiving the news of victory. Mamata scored a hat trick in Ekushey’s Bengal. Green storms in districts. The result of the vote was clear at dawn. The Trinamool government is going to return to Navanne with a huge majority. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee went to the Kalighat temple to fulfill her promise after receiving the news.

Speaking to reporters, Mamata Banerjee said, “I came to the Kalighat temple as a priest before the vote. I will come to see you as soon as I get the news of the victory.” Trinamool supremo first went to Kalighat temple this evening to keep that promise.


Mamata defeated in Nandigram! Warning to go to court,

Overwhelmed by the team’s victory, Mamata said, ‘I couldn’t even think of such a pub. I am very happy. Thanks to those who greeted me. My winning target was 221. No one obeys. We are grateful to the people. I had a target of 221. I said I would make a double

century. Bengal has won. The mothers and sisters of Bengal have won. Harmony, solidarity has won. He has saved the whole of India. ‘ This is not the end, the overjoyed Trinamool leader said, ‘Really played, we won. If Kovid is reduced, there will be a big victory procession in the brigade. ‘

On the other hand, there is tension around Nandigram. Mamata Banerjee has won in Nandigram. This news comes to the fore first. Shortly afterwards, it was learned that Mamata Banerjee had lost to Shuvendu Adhikari in Nandigram. Mamata has accused Nandigram of rigging the election. The Trinamool leader said in a press conference, “There has been fraud, we will go to court.”

Mamata’s victory is behind Modi’s defeat,

The most challenging for the Bharatiya Janata Party was the victory of Bengal. Due to which the BJP was already preparing for the victory of Bengal three years ago. In particular, seeing the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Gerua Shibir came down with full force

to win Bengal. One by one, the BJP rallied the Trinamool MLAs and heavyweight leaders in the party and jumped into the assembly polls. What’s more, the group, which is accused of communal riots, surprised the dancing hero Mithun Chakraborty.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


Looking at some of the statistics, it may be clear how serious they were. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held about 20 public rallies in different parts of West Bengal on the occasion of the elections. Union Home Minister, BJP leader Amit Shah has held more

than 50 public rallies in Bengal on the occasion of this election. And I told other central leaders not to talk. But, then why did not get the desired result? That’s why hair analysis is going on. What I found in various media outlets is:

First, women vote. The BJP hoped that they would get women votes in Bengal in the same way they got them in Bihar. Because in the last few years, the Modi government has taken many more initiatives including toilets, LPG connections, tap water in homes to win the hearts of women voters. But, day after day, the women of West Bengal are compassionate

Has been by the side of various programs. The number of women voters in West Bengal is 3.7 crore, which is 49 percent of the total voters. Mamata has taken up about 200 types of programs including Kanyashree, Rupashree and Sabuj Sathy with these voters in mind. As a result, he has won every election.

The BJP considered women as silent voters and expected their silent support. However, women voters, as always, have chosen Mamata Didi in this election as well.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


Second, the Muslim vote. Muslims make up 30 per cent of the total population of West Bengal. They have influence in the polling station in 100-110 seats. They have been voting for the Trinamool since the 2011 elections. Mamata has also reciprocated. He gave an allowance of about two and a half thousand rupees a month to about 80,000 Imams and

Muazzins of West Bengal. To encourage Muslim women to enroll in madrassas, he provided bicycles among them, and arranged scholarships for Muslim students from first to tenth grade. And gave Urdu the status of second language in Muslim-inhabited areas. She is often referred to as ‘Mumtaz Begum’ by critics for giving Muslims various opportunities.

However, in this election, Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui, the son of Mr. Furfura Pir, tried to attack his vote bank and entered the field with a new alliance. But, Muslims rely on Mamata. So there was no tension in his vote bank in that sense.

Third, the BJP’s hardline Hindutva card failed to respond. The BJP has been desperate to win the hearts of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes since the beginning of the elections. He was so desperate that during his visit to Bangladesh, Prime Minister Narendra

Modi visited Orakandi in Gopalganj, a place of pilgrimage for the Matua community, a lower caste Hindu community in India. He also spoke there. The voters of this Matua community have played an important role in about 35 seats in the West Bengal elections. The election results showed that the vote went to the BJP’s house but did not go unilaterally.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


Fourth is the congressional walkover. When the BJP and the Trinamool went all over Bengal to win the hearts of the voters in the West Bengal elections, the top leaders of the Congress were quite silent. Rahul has held only one meeting, that too on 14th April. And Priyanka did not go. It has given a kind of walkover to the grassroots. BJP leaders have already criticized the Congress and the Left for surrendering helplessly to Mamata.

Fifth, the coronavirus epidemic. The second wave of coronavirus infection has devastated the whole of India. And the Modi government is blamed for this misfortune. However, the Modi government did not respond. When the corpses were overflowing with corpses and

people were dying in the streets due to lack of oxygen, it left the Modi government in a state of disarray. Which the Modi government could not overcome in any way. Modi and top BJP leaders could not attend any public meeting in the last three rounds of elections due to corona infection. On the other hand, Mamata has continued her campaign in a balanced manner.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


Sixth, Mamata Banerjee has garnered the sympathy of voters for various reasons. When he challenged Modi-Amit Shah as the sole force against the Modi government, the people took it very well. Then when he went public in a wheelchair because of the ‘attack’ on Mamata, his voters took it very positively.

The latest reason that has come to light is that the BJP has not been able to field a possible chief minister. The BJP has not been able to clarify who will be Mamata’s alternative. Mamata has the advantage of not having any potential candidates to compete with in front of a popular and scorched political figure like Mamata.

There may be other reasons beyond this, which will come out gradually. However, it can be said that this victory of the people of West Bengal is basically a victory of democracy.

An article in the Indian newspaper Deccan Chronicle said, “This is a landslide victory. It’s a hat trick. With two-thirds of the seats, Trinamool Congress leader and current Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has defeated the BJP’s communal, reactionary, undemocratic, patriarchal and authoritarian attitude towards Bengal’s victory.

Mamata’s victory in West Bengal: What is the benefit of Bangladesh !

After winning the Trinamool Congress for three consecutive terms in West Bengal, party leader Mamata Banerjee is set to be sworn in as Chief Minister for the third time on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. The Trinamool has had unprecedented results, with many

doubting whether Mamata will be able to return to power. The Trinamool won 213 seats, proving all exit polls to be fake. Former BJP president Amit Shah gave a blank voice to win 200 seats but they got 6 seats. Even if Mamata loses her seat, according to the constitution, she can easily win another seat in six months and continue as chief minister.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


Congratulations to Mamata on her victory are pouring in on social media in Bangladesh. However, some have raised the question – will Bangladesh get Teesta water this time because Didi is the winner, or will congratulations go to the water again? Naturally the question arises, what is the benefit of Bangladesh if Didi wins in West Bengal! Before going

into that, I would like to briefly say what are the main reasons for Mamata’s victory. First of all, let’s talk about Prashant Kishore and his IPAC company. Prashant Kishore is a voting artist born in 1986. In the middle, he also entered politics by joining Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United) in Bihar. But Nitish Kumar was expelled from the party in 2020 for criticizing his support for the Citizenship Amendment Act (2019).

This peaceful teenager and his company took the task of winning Mamata this time. MK Stalin’s DMK has also won by a wide margin in Tamil Nadu for their services. Most interestingly, when the whole media was talking the opposite, Prashant challenged that he

would quit the profession if the BJP’s seats in West Bengal were not below 100. However, after the victory, Prashant said in an exclusive interview with NDTV that he will not do this personally anymore. But there will be IPAC and there has been an efficient leadership to carry out its responsibilities. Even after winning two-thirds of the seats in the election, he has brought serious allegations against the Election Commission.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


He alleged that the commission had done nothing to win over the BJP. The Election Commission has given a free hand to do what the BJP has said. In the midst of the Corona

epidemic, the elections were held in six phases so that the central leaders of the BJP could

come to West Bengal in stages. In the districts where the BJP is in a good position, the

elections were held at the beginning and at the same time, and in the case of the

grassroots bases, the elections were held in one district in 4/5 phases so that the activities

of the grassroots workers were not noticed at once.

In the West Bengal elections, 30 per cent of the minority vote went to the grassroots,

which is why there is a theory that the Left and the Congress have collapsed. In fact, the

minority vote went to the Trinamool Congress. Eighty per cent of the Hindu voters who were supporters of the Left Front-Congress also voted for the Trinamool candidate without wasting votes on the BJP blockade. “Hindus are in danger, 80 per cent voters, why don’t

you unite and rescue Hindus” – this old BJP ploy did not work here. Because, it is seen that even in the areas where the number of Muslims is 5 percent, the Trinamool has won by a huge margin. BJP vs. all parties have voted. That is why all other teams do not exist in the results. The vote was not Mamata vs Modi, Mamata vs emptiness. Because, the BJP did not have any leader in Mamata’s alternative state, who could bring Mamata to the forefront.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


In fact, Prashant Kishore’s team has been able to turn this election into a Bengali versus foreign one. The glorious programs of the Bengalis, starting from Rabindranath-Vidyasagar-Netaji-Satyajit Ray, have tried to keep them alive for the last two years. The Hindutva slogan has established ‘Joy Sitaram’ as opposed to ‘Joy Sriram’. During the election, he

brought the slogan ‘Joy Bangla’. When the BJP called Yogi Adityanath and threatened to expel Muslims from the country, Prashant Kishore’s team portrayed Mamata as the only protector of Muslims. Mamata, also known as Shuvendu Adhikari, went to the BJP and mocked her as ‘Begum Mamata’, making her a worshiper of Kali. Mamata used to prove that she did not leave Hinduism, she recited various mantras in public meetings.

As much as the BJP wants to bring the tide of Hindutva in West Bengal, it has held public rallies with Hindi-speaking speakers, held rath yatras, covered West Bengal with purple – all of which IPAC has used against them. Leaders and personalities associated with Bengal,

such as Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan, have come to show solidarity with Mamata. And for the BJP, the one-time heroine of Hindi serials like Smriti Irani, the current BJP leader has come. BJP president Jagat Prakash Nadda, Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath had read it. No Prime Minister has ever held such a public meeting in a single state, what Narendra Modi has done this time in West Bengal.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


All in all, Mamata’s vote planners have portrayed it as a Bengali versus an external, cultural aggression in North India that destroys Bengali culture. Even Narendra Modi’s sarcastic sentence ‘Didi..oooooo didiii’ has been highlighted as sexual harassment. An example is the

image of Yogi torturing women in UP. The women of West Bengal have been united and these were the main supporters of Mamata. His government has done a lot of good for women, children and teenagers – women have also paid for it. Overall, it is not a love affair with the people of Bengal, but an expression of hatred against the political and cultural aggression of Modi and his BJP.

On the other hand, one leader after another has left the grassroots. Everyone thought that the grassroots would be weak in that but the real reason for leaving their party was Prashant Kumar’s team, where Mamata’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee helped him. The list of

those who could not win was based on the report of this team. Knowing this prediction that they will not get nomination, they have joined the BJP. And the BJP has already fielded ‘great leaders’ from the grassroots, excluding those who have already resigned. The election results show that they are the ones who have lost the lion’s share of the BJP candidates.


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


In any case, knowing that there is no possibility of getting Teesta water, I will talk about the benefit of Bangladesh if Mamata wins the election this time. Before that he saw why West Bengal became so necessary for BJP. Just what a loss of compassion. No, because the BJP leaders never accepted Bangladesh wholeheartedly. On the Indian side, they consider Bangladesh as ‘another Pakistan’. Because, they don’t have the sense to consider anything healthy outside of religion. So they needed their own government in West Bengal to endanger Bangladesh step by step.

What more can I say about Amit Shah. Everyone knows how much this stupid man despises Bangladeshis. West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh said one crore Bangladeshi Muslims living in the state “illegally” would be deported. Dilip Ghosh has claimed that one crore illegal Muslims living in West Bengal have survived by eating rice subsidized by the government for two rupees.

Dilip Ghosh used to express his desire to make 1 crore of 2.5 crore Muslims of West Bengal Bangladeshis and send them back. Because Dilip knows very well that the Muslim vote will not go to the BJP. He also knows that there are no Bangladeshi Muslims in West Bengal, if there are, there are Hindus who have left Bangladesh at different times.

There are about 18 million minority people in Bangladesh. It is true that there are various adversities, but they are not facing any significant difficulties. State hatred, not discrimination. They practice religion independently. This information does not go to West Bengal. Rather, isolated incidents are propagated with emphasis. A large number of expatriate Bengali Hindus in Western countries including Bangladesh and India are involved in such negative campaigns. They also make large donations to Modi’s party, who want


BJP's downfall: Mamata's victory, sworn in today


West Bengal to be a pilgrimage site for Bengali Hindus. Mamata has blocked that path as she has won. Two Bengalis have survived. Because, if the followers of Yogi Adityanath persecuted the innocent Muslims on the other side, the fanatics on this side would also persecute the Hindus. Or if there was an incident of persecution of Hindus on this side, his reaction would fall on the Muslims on that side. There is no denying that even before the Hindu-Muslim riots of 1947, there was a bond of harmony between the two communities, as well as hatred.


Bangla is in the hands of the daughter of the house, behind the victory of Mamata is the

woman power, BJP is clear in the women’s vote

Game over. Bengali wants his own daughter. Mamata Banerjee is going to be the Chief

Minister again. There are women voters behind this hat trick of the grassroots. The

Trinamool Congress government’s one woman welfare project after another has proved that

Kamal has shown in the ballot box. Mamata’s healthcare project has surpassed the

Ayushman Bharat project. Kanyashree, Rupashree showed Kamal with him. In the

manifesto, Mamata Banerjee has responded to Mamata’s call by promising to pay Rs. 500

to the women of the house.


A fierce battle is going on in Nandigram. Shuvendu Adhikari is moving forward once. The

Trinamool Congress leader was moving forward again. Nandigram became a prestige fight

with the Trinamool Congress. The Trinamool Congress leader smiled the last smile of the

fierce battle. Nandigram defended Mamata Banerjee. Nandigram defeated Shuvendu

Adhikari despite getting only 1200 votes.

Bengali in the hands of the daughter of the house ,

Trinamool Congress scored a hat trick. The Trinamool is going to form a government in

Bengal again. Mamata Banerjee is going to be the Chief Minister for the third time. Modi-

Shah’s stormy campaign did not go unnoticed in Bengal. The BJP was able to break through

the stronghold of the grassroots in Bengal with the help of the leaders of Delhi. PK

reconciled the calculations. The Trinamool Congress got the absolute majority.

Kamal, female voter,

There are women voters behind Mamata’s victory in Bengal. Mamata has won the Bengali

girls’ vote. Kamal showed one government project after another for girls. Kanyashree,

Swasthyasathi, Rupashree Mamata has announced one woman welfare project after

another. At the end, Mamata announced the health card for everyone. And the whole

project is done in the name of Bengali girls.

The priority of women in the manifesto,

In the manifesto, he had announced to give hand expenses in the interest of women. He

promised to pay 500 rupees to the women of the house. He also promised to deliver rations

from house to house. He announced one project after another thinking of the girls of

Bengal. That is the result. Kamal showed up at the ballot box. The Bengali girls have

brought the Bengali girl to power again. Source: This time