Congress approves 900 billion incentive package in US


News Desk –
The US Congress has approved an incentive package to help the United States recover from the 900 billion Corona epidemic. The bill was passed in the Senate on Monday night after months of political debate. Hours before the upper house of Congress passed the Senate, the bill for the incentive package was approved by the lower house of parliament. The bill was passed by 359/53 votes in the House of Representatives and 92/6 votes in the Senate. The new incentive package will pay a one-time fee of 600 to a number of US citizens. Besides, allocation has also been made for traders and unemployed. The bill is now awaiting President Donald Trump’s signature after being passed in two chambers of Congress. White House sources said Trump would soon sign the bill into law. The country’s newly elected president, Joe Biden, welcomed the new aid package. Many lawmakers in the country have called the 5,600-page bill “the largest in memory.” News from AFP, BBC and CNN.


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