Easy way to download photos from Google Photos and online digital albums


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There is an opportunity to select and download many photos or videos from Google Photos website at once. If you want, you can download all the files together. You can use Google’s ‘Takeout’ service for this. All you have to do is go to takeout.google.com and click on Deselect all. At the bottom of the page you will find the Google Photos option. Google Photos – Go to the next step by selecting the checkbox next to the text. Now decide how you want to get the files. Assuming, the file size is not small at all. That is not supposed to happen. You can take pictures directly to your Dropbox, OneDrive or Box account if you want. Again, you can ask for a web link to download the files to the device. In that case, you have to decide how many gigabytes of files to download at once within 1 to 50. The address for downloading the file will be sent to your e-mail. 15 GB of storage is provided free of charge when opening a Google account. This storage can be used to store Gmail e-mail and Google Drive files. And when I put the image in Google Photos, the file was compressed a bit, but it was not included in this 15 GB account. If you only wanted to keep the picture in full size, it would be included in the calculation of those 15 gigabytes. Google is now saying that from June next year, the number of photos in the photos will be included in the 15 gigabytes without any discrimination. If you subscribe to Google One by paying 150 rupees per month, you will get 100 GB storage. You have to pay 250 rupees per month for 200 gigabytes and 600 rupees per month for 2 terabytes. Here are some popular sites for taking pictures online.
Google Photos
Google Photos (photos.google.com) is a popular site for quick and easy image storage. The site is popular for safely storing or backing up pictures online on a computer, camera or handset. If you have a Gmail account, you do not need to open a separate account for Google Photos. If not, go to gmail.com and open an account. Then go to photos.google.com and you will see two buttons on the top right side of the search. One is to upload pictures, the other is to create albums. https://photos.google. com / albums section has separate folders to keep pictures of places, shares and other categories. Photos as well as videos can be kept. Image color change, various effects, size cuts — everything can be done in Google Photos. After clicking on the image, the editing tool will be available at the top right. If you want to make a photo-video album public or private, click on it. Then go to ‘Sharing Album’ by clicking on the right corner button (More Options). Then see what condition it is in. Uploaded images are usually private. It will show a link if it is public or shared. That link can be shown or shared to anyone by posting online. And if you want to share via social media, click ‘Share’ at the top right. Then you can share on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.
Online file storage site Dropbox. The site has special arrangements for keeping pictures along with other files. In addition to manually uploading images to the site, Dropbox has special software for easily uploading images automatically from a computer. The folder in which the picture is kept on the computer, i.e. the folder that needs automatic backup, will be automatically uploaded to the online folder if it is linked to Dropbox. Whenever a new image is placed in that folder, it will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox. If the net connection is not always there is no problem, the new files will be up only when the connection is received. If any files in that folder are already up, they will not be repeated. This method is very effective for those who do not have the opportunity to back up manually due to busy schedule. Click on www.dropbox.com/install to download the software. To open an account you need to go to www.dropbox.com. The account can be opened by entering the first and last part of the name, e-mail and password and clicking ‘sign up’. Then go to the inbox of the e-mail and you will see the ‘confirmation message’ from the dropbox that the account has been activated.
Online multipurpose service provider Yahoo. One of their services is Flickr. Like other services, Flickr has a number of platform versions. 1 terabyte (1000 GB) of space can be used on Flickr free of cost. Flickr’s features are structured around three things: full-resolution image support, the ability to use Flickr on all types of devices, and giving the user a lot more space. While Flickr is popular with photographers and general users, Yahoo, a proprietor of Flickr, lags far behind the social sites Facebook and Google. However, the company is not dissatisfying the user in terms of service.

An organization called Mega offers 50 GB of free storage. But the problem is the same, you can not download more than 10 gigabytes of files per mega hour. That, of course, is not a big problem. Address: mega.nz.
Popular photo exchange site Instagram. In addition to saving, it has no pair to spread the picture quickly through social media. Instagram is a completely different platform from Facebook. However, Instagram photos can be easily published or shared online through Facebook. Like Facebook, Instagram also has the opportunity to like and comment. If you want, you can add text or tag someone. To open an account on Instagram, you just need to have a Facebook account. Also by entering e-mail, full name, username (ID), password Signup is free. For this you have to go to www.instagram.com site. After logging in to the site, pictures published from various popular IDs can be seen in the timeline. If you search by typing the name of a friend or acquaintance, it will also show. There are dozens of ways to edit an image before uploading it. When photos are uploaded or shared on Instagram, they are usually visible to others. If the purpose of the image upload is only ‘save’, not ‘share’; Then there is that way too. Details at this link: http://bit.ly/20H1Nbr