Facebook has banned information about the Taliban

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Facebook bans information on Taliban,. Twitter and YouTube are also facing criticism for not taking action.





U.S. law identifies the Taliban as a terrorist organization




Facebook has banned information about the Taliban


Global New News Desk –
Facebook has banned information about the Taliban. Meanwhile, Twitter and YouTube have been criticized for not taking action. Facebook considers the Taliban a terrorist organization. So all their posts and supporting

comments have been banned on this platform. Facebook has confirmed this information ‍so.



Technology companies have been criticized for taking action on Facebook with information about the Taliban on their own platforms also.



US-based social media outlets are facing a new challenge as the Taliban take over Afghanistan so. The Taliban has  identified as a “terrorist organization” in many parts of the world also.

Now the social media including Facebook is facing a
challenge with the Taliban or the posts supporting them.



Last Monday, Facebook confirmed that they consider the Taliban a terrorist organization so. That’s why posts made 

the Taliban  banned on Facebook services. Similarly, all

content (images, posts, videos) supporting the Taliban  also banned.



Facebook said it has tasked a team of Afghan experts
who will monitor all posts related to this and remove them from the platform if necessary also.



According to Facebook, their policy will also apply to

Instagram and WhatsApp. It  known that the Taliban


use WhatsApp for communication.



Taliban spokesmen have used Twitter to reach thousands

of followers since taking control of Afghanistan. Asked

about this, the Twitter authorities told Reuters about the policy on ‘violent organizations and hateful content’.



However, they did not answer any question on the basis

of which they classify. According to Twitter’s policy, they

do not allow any organization that spreads terror and violence against civilians to use their services.


A spokesman for Facebook  quoted by the BBC as

saying that US law listed the Taliban as a terrorist

organization and banned all related activities on our

platform. This means that all information and accounts related to the Taliban will  deleted from Facebook.



He added, “We have formed a separate team of some

experts in local Dari and Pashto, whose job will be to find out information about the Taliban and inform us.”