Factory reset on Windows 10 operating system

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The world is advancing day by day with the help of technology. There are some problems like the advantages of technology. And if it is computer then there is no question. I will solve such a problem. For example, many times computer becomes slow due to software. To avoid this problem, I install Windows anew. However, the problem can be solved by performing a factory reset on the operating system of Windows 10 without installing Windows.

Recovery settings

First you have to click on the start menu on the computer screen, then select the gear icon at the bottom left, then the computer settings window option will open. Recovery settings can also be accessed from the Settings app by going to the list of computer apps. Go to Settings and click on the Update and Security option, then select the Recovery option from there. After clicking the recovery option, another option called Get Started will appear which you have to click.

Save or remove files

There are two types of options, one can save personal files and remove only downloaded apps or settings. If you want, you can delete all the files of the whole computer and restart the computer in a completely new way. No matter which option you go to, you will be given an additional settings option.

If we click on the Keep My Files option, our computer’s apps or settings will return to their default state, meaning that the apps or settings we received after purchasing the computer will return to that state when we click on the Keep My Files option. However, our personal files will be saved. Even previously installed apps that have been uninstalled for any reason can be seen on the computer screen again. However, it can be prevented from being installed by clicking Change Settings from the Additional Settings option.

And if you click on the Remove Everything option, all the files on the Windows computer will be deleted automatically. This is a default option and the best option to quickly remove personal files from the computer. And if someone is interested in cleaning the drive, then after clicking Change Settings from the Additional Settings option, you have to toggle the Data Eraser option. However, if a file is lost from the drive, it is almost impossible to recover it.

Reset the computer
Once you decide which files to remove from your computer, Windows will automatically notify you which files are going to be deleted when you click on the Next option. If you select Keep My Files here, a list will appear on the computer screen. Where you can see which files will be removed as soon as the computer is reset. Then by clicking on the reset option we can start the desired operation.

Our computer will restart and after a while it will be converted to backup. When we turn on the computer again, we will no longer be able to see the files we selected to remove from our PC. However, if there is an online backup service or recovery drive to back them up, then it is possible to restore the files from there.