Finally, the ruler of Dubai and Princess Hire divorced for 500 million pounds

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Princess Haya, the wife of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed, is worried about her life, why did she run away? London High Court rules that Sheikh Mohammed kidnapped his daughter and threatened his wife in a legal battle against Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai in a London court




Finally, the ruler of Dubai and Princess Hire divorced for 500 million pounds



Global New News Desk –
The divorce of Princess Hayer, the ruler of Dubai, has finally reached 500 million.

In all, Princess Haya will receive a total of 500 million.

The High Court has asked Princess Haya, 46, daughter of former Jordanian King Hussein, to pay 251.5 million at a time.


She is the sixth and youngest wife of Sheikh Mohammed.


Sheikh Mohammed is not only the wealthy ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, he is also an influential owner of race horses in the world of horse racing.
Princess Haya fled to Britain in 2019 with her two children. He said Sheikh Mohammad had earlier abducted his two daughters, Sheikh Latifa and Sheikh Shamsa, and that he was now in danger of losing his life.

After learning that Princess Haya had fallen in love with one of her British bodyguards, a former soldier, Sheikh Mohammed published a poem entitled “You Were Alive, You Were Dead” in which he was presumed to have been threatened. He said he had received threats even after coming to Britain.
The court has ruled that Princess Hayer’s two children will have to pay  5.8 million a year to the Dubai ruler’s house, and will be protected by a  290 million guarantee.


Of these two children, one daughter is 14 years old and the son is nine years old.


Princess Hare has two homes in Britain worth millions of pounds, and the ruling also covers the cost of maintaining them. One of these houses is next to Kensington Palace in London, and the other in Egham, Surrey County.

The verdict also includes the cost of the princess’ security, the cost of her vacation, the salary and accommodation of a nurse and ayr, the cost of a bulletproof car for the family, and the cost of her pet horse and other animals.

It is said to be the largest divorce case in the history of the UK legal world.

This year, the High Court ruled that Sheikh Mohammed illegally hacked the phones of Princess Haya, her bodyguards and lawyers. Israeli spyware Pegasus is used for this.

However, Sheikh Mohammed said he did not have any hacked material, and that his approval was not monitored.


He further added that he had no intention of harming the princess.



Globalnewnews.En..pic..711 -Finally, the ruler of Dubai and Princess Hire divorced for 500 million pounds 


Looking back ,,,,,,

Princess Haya, the wife of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed, is worried about her life, why did she run away?

Princess Haya, the wife of Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, fled to London. Now she says that she has left her husband and fled from Dubai for fear of her life.

Sheikh Mohammed, 69, is a billionaire. Posted a few poems on Instagram where he blamed a woman for infidelity.

Princess Haya, 45, of Jordanian descent and educated in Britain, married Sheikh Mohammed in 2004.

Princess Haya was the sixth and youngest wife of Sheikh Mohammed.

It is learned that this ruler of Dubai has 23 children in the house of different wives.

Princess Haya first went to Germany to seek political asylum.

He now lives in a townhouse in Kensington Palace Gardens, London, valued at about ৭ 106 million.


He is now preparing for a legal battle in court.


But why did he run away from the luxurious life of Dubai? Why is he worried about life now?

Sources close to her say that Princess Haya recently learned of some of the reasons behind the mysterious return of one of her husband’s daughters, Sheikh Latifa, who fled Dubai.

Sheikh Latifa escaped by sea with the help of a French national but was stopped by a group of armed men off the Indian coast and later returned to Dubai.

In that case, Princess Haya worked with then-Irish President Marie Robinson to protect Dubai’s image.

Dubai authorities say Sheikh Latifa is now safe in Dubai, but human rights groups say she was abducted against her will.

Then Princess Haya can really find out about some things and with this comes pressure from her husband’s family.


At one point he began to suffer from insecurity.


According to a source, he is now fearing that he too may be the victim of abduction.

However, the UAE embassy in London declined to comment.

They call it a personal matter.

Princess Haya studied at Oxford University and now wants to live in the UK.

But if her husband takes the diplomatic initiative to bring her back, it will be a big headache for Britain.


The UAE is close to the UK.


The incident is also embarrassing for Jordan because Princess Haya is the honest sister of King Abdullah of Jordan.

Again, a large number of Jordanians work in Dubai and earn huge remittances.

So it will be difficult for Jordan to get involved in the dispute with Dubai.

In London his fugitive wife’s legal battle against Sheikh Mohammed in Dubai’s court

A legal battle has erupted in a London court between the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum, and his fugitive wife, Princess Haya bint al-Hussein.

Sheikh Mohammed al-Makhtum is one of the most powerful and influential leaders in the Middle East. Princess Haya, on the other hand, is the half-sister of King Abdullah of Jordan. He studied at a private school in Britain and competed in the Olympic Games in horse racing.

Princess Haya fled Dubai a few months ago. He is said to be in hiding in London for fear of being killed.



The two are fighting a legal battle in a London court over who will have the children.


Princess Haya married Sheikh Mohammad in 2004. She is the sixth wife of Sheikh Makhtum. Sheikh Mohammad is now 60 years old. He has 23 children in the womb of different wives.

Sheikh Mohammad is also interested in horse racing. He owns Godolphin Horse Racing Stable, a well-known horse stable in Britain.

Princess Haya first fled Dubai to Germany. He also tried to take political asylum there. But Emas learned that he now lives in a house worth more than 100 million in Kensington, London.

Princess Haya is now thought to want to stay in Britain. But if the Dubai ruler now demands the return of his wife, it is thought to be a source of frustration for the UAE’s diplomatic relations with Britain.


Sheikh Mohammad became angry after his wife ran away and wrote a poem. There he accused an unnamed woman of treason. This poem he posted on Instagram.
Why did Princess Haya run away?


Sources close to Princess Haier claim that she has recently received some disturbing information about the mysterious return of Sheikh Latifa, one of Sheikh Mohammed’s daughters, to Dubai. He then decided to flee on his own.


Sheikh Latifa escaped from Dubai by sea with the help of a French man. But they were captured by Indian armed guards and handed over to Dubai.


At the time, when the incident was criticized, Princess Haya spoke on behalf of the ruler of Dubai, saying that Sheikh Latifa was safe in Dubai. But human rights groups say Sheikh Latifa was abducted and taken back to Dubai.


But sources close to Princess Haier are now claiming that she has some new information about the incident. And because of this she was under tremendous pressure from her husband’s family.



London Sheikh Mohammed kidnaps daughters, threatens wife – London High Court


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and vice president of the United Arab Emirates, is known worldwide for making his country one of the world’s leading destinations for trade and tourism.

The 70-year-old ruler, who owns hundreds of crores of rupees in assets, has suddenly come to the fore for a verdict in the London High Court.


The London High Court says Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum abducted his two daughters and forcibly took them from Britain to Dubai, and has long been intimidating his ex-wife, Princess Haier.


The events that have now come to light with this High Court judgment are almost like the story of a Hollywood movie.


Eight months ago, Sheikh Mohammed’s sixth wife, Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, filed a “high-profile” case in London – alleging abduction, deportation, torture and intimidation against her husband.


The High Court then issued a fact-finding judgment or FCJ – to establish the veracity of these allegations.


Sheikh Mohammad tried not to make this verdict public. But his appeal was rejected.
What are the events?

Sheikh Mohammed married Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein, daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan, in 2004.

Finally, the ruler of Dubai and Princess Hire divorced for 500 million pounds



They have two children, Al-Jalila and Zayed.


Princess Haya used to take pictures of their perfect family life in various interviews.
But in 2016, the news of cracking in that life started coming out.
Learned Latifa’s escape and capture

Sheikha Latifa, the unborn daughter of Sheikh Mohammed’s other wife, twice tried to flee the UAE.

He was caught off the coast of India while fleeing in a boat with his Finnish fitness instructor and a former French spy. They were captured and sent back to the emirate.

But in an earlier video, he complained that he had been detained for three years.

He further added that he had tried to flee once in 2002 but failed and was subjected to physical abuse.

He is now under house arrest. But the Dubai government says Sheikh Latifa is safe.
Learned Shamsa’s abduction



Sheikha Latifa’s elder sister Sheikha Shamsa fled from her family home in Fertilizer, England in 2000.



But Sheikh Mohammed’s agents captured him from Cambridgeshire, and forcibly took him back to Dubai.

According to media reports, he was airlifted to the plane with injections and tablets.
Dubai has rejected a request from Cambridgeshire police to investigate the matter.

The London High Court says in 2000 sheikh Mohammad ordered the abduction and forcible repatriation of Shekha Shamsa and Shekha Latifa in 2002 and 2016, respectively.

The verdict said that Sheikh Mohammad kept these two young women in such a way that they were being deprived of their freedom.
Princess Hayao escapes with her children

After the incident of Shekha Latifa and Shekha Shamsar, at first Princess Haya supported the official explanation in this regard.

Finally, the ruler of Dubai and Princess Hire divorced for 500 million pounds



But in April 2019, he fled to the United Kingdom via Germany with his children.



Princess Haya, the sixth and ‘junior’ wife of Sheikh Mohammed, is the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan and the half-sister of the current King Abdullah.
He studied at Bryanston School in Dorset, UK and later at Oxford University.

He is known to have lived in a আট 85 million house in Kensington Palace Gardens, an elite area of ​​London.
You were alive, you were dead. ‘

Sheikh Mohammad himself did not directly comment on the break up of the marriage.

But on Instagram he posted one of his poems written in angry language.

In the poem, Sheikh Mohammad accuses an anonymous woman of ‘cheating and dishonesty’.

Finally, the ruler of Dubai and Princess Hire divorced for 500 million pounds



The poem was titled ‘You were alive, you were dead’


Princess Haya says Sheikh Mohammed told her in 2019, “You and your children will never be safe in England.”

In July, Princess Haya filed a lawsuit in the London High Court.

In it, she prays for protection from forced marriage and oppression, and the right to have her children with her.
Princess Haier feared her two children might be abducted and taken to Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed, on the other hand, petitioned the court to allow their children to return to Dubai.
Princess Hayer falls in love with a bodyguard

It is learned that Princess Haier had an extramarital affair with a bodyguard.

The lawsuit alleges that Princess Haya was threatened several times in Dubai and London, and that she is now living at risk.

Twice a pistol was dropped on his pillow as a threat, and another time a helicopter landed in front of the house to take him away.


Finally, the ruler of Dubai and Princess Hire divorced for 500 million pounds



Fighting with the British royal family



Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his ex-wife’s close acquaintance with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and the royal family is well known.
He is involved in horse racing in Britain, and has his own stable called the Godflyn Stable – one of the world’s racing horse breeding centers.

The Godflyn Horse Racing Team is the largest in the world. They have won 6,000 races since 1992.

However, as his sixth and junior wife, Princess Hayo was equally enthusiastic about horse racing.

It is known that Sheikh Mohammad has a total of 23 children in the womb of multiple wives.

Seth Mohammed said in a statement after the verdict that he had not been able to take part in the court proceedings as the head of a government, leaving only one aspect of the case.

He added that this is a personal matter and the media should respect the privacy of his children. Sources, BBC




Finally, the ruler of Dubai and Princess Hire divorced for 500 million pounds


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