Firhad has been sworn in as the mayor of Kolkata

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Firhad has been sworn in as the mayor of Kolkata


Global New News Desk –
Firhad Hakim was sworn in as the 39th Mayor of Kolkata on Tuesday (December 26, 2021). On the occasion of the swearing-in ceremony of the mayor, there was a procession at

Calcutta Purabhavan on Monday. This is the first time that a swearing-in ceremony has

been organized on the inner lawn of Purbhaban. A total of about 500 seats have been

provided for the guests. There are about 30 seats on the main stage.




Firhad Hakim is set to be sworn in as Kolkata mayor for the second time on Tuesday. The

chairperson and the mayor’s council will also take oath with him. Earlier, 52 mayors of

Kolkata Municipality were sworn in at the town hall. This time, the 36th Mayor of Kolkata Firhad Hakim is going to take oath in Pur Bhaban without any precedent.





Besides the mayor, the chairperson and the mayoral council will also take oath. Shovan

Chatterjee was sworn in as mayor in 2015 at the town hall. Before Shovonbabu, however, all the mayors took oath in the meeting room of the Calcutta Pur Bhaban.





This time the exception is happening.

A swearing-in ceremony of the mayor has  organized by constructing a stage and

mandapa on the lawn of the municipality. The mayor’s office has  redesigned. New

carpets have been laid on the floor. New wallpaper has  put on the wall. The lighting of

the house has also  renewed.






The Pur Bhaban is the centerpiece of the swearing-in ceremony of the Mayor, Chairperson and Mayor’s Council. Prominent people have also  invited to the swearing-in ceremony.




According to municipal sources, the swearing-in ceremony will  attended by prominent

doctors, religious leaders, poets and celebrities of the state. Kolkata Sheriff Mani Shankar

Mukherjee, poet Joy Goswami, Nachiketa, actor Dev and other eminent personalities have

invited. Also, doctors like Abhijit Chowdhury, Apurba Ghosh are also present on the stage.




Besides, there are 3 Imams besides Ramakrishna Mission, Bharat Sebashram, Mother’s House, Jain Temple, Buddha Temple, Bishop of the Church. In all, 164 eminent persons are invited.




There are also other guests. In all, about 500 seats have been provided for the guests. 30

seats have  arranged on the main stage. Apart from all the MLAs and ministers of

Kolkata, all the MPs have  invited for the swearing in ceremony of the mayor on this day.






First of all, Chairperson Mala Roy  administered the oath of office. Then, according to

the rules, the chairperson will read the oath of office of the mayor and the mayor council.

The Pur Bhaban is the center of the mayor’s swearing-in ceremony. Of course, the colorful

lighting has also changed the color inside and outside the mayor’s house.




The construction of mandapa and mancha on the lawn of Purbhaban  completed by

Monday night. The building has  decorated for the swearing-in ceremony and has been

covered with police security blankets.