Global delay disease in Bangladesh, There is only life in the body!


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She was born like a normal baby. When she was four months old, she suddenly started having seizures overnight. Since then in bed. While lying in bed, the body became sore. The skin is attached to the bones. There is no strength to stand, no talk. At the age of fifteen he never stood up, never spoke. Only the magician pair stares with wide eyes. What he wants to say is muttering his lips, can’t. There is only life in the body! The girl’s name is Esha (15). According to the doctor’s prescription, he is suffering from ‘Global Delay’. Esha is the eldest of three daughters of Rafiqul Islam and Maryam of Banshkhail village in Anehla union of Ghatail upazila of Tangail. He is counting the days of death due to lack of treatment.

Esha’s mother Maryam said, children! I can’t throw it away. I keep it in the face of hundreds of sorrows. He was diagnosed with the disease in May 2006. The same situation for about fifteen years. I put him to sleep by giving him sleeping pills. There have been new problems lately, the body has been sore all the time. The girl cannot eat any solid food like rice or bread. The only survivors are milk and semolina. In a world of scarcity, I can’t even provide food for him now. He said his father worked as a mason. When he was four months old, he suddenly started having seizures overnight. Initially, he was admitted to PG Hospital in Dhaka with the help of a relative named Arif. There is some improvement. The doctor told me to take it occasionally. Lack of money did not make it. Arif Hossain said, seeing the girl is Maya. Sometimes self-sufficiency
Let’s try to help accordingly. I bought a wheelchair that was broken. Esha’s grandfather Hazrat Ali said about Tk 6 lakh has been spent on medical treatment so far. We poor people can no longer. With proper treatment, maybe the girl will be better. Father Rafiqul said, every day I leave my daughter like this and go to work, it is very difficult. If anyone could help with the treatment.

Ghatail Upazila Health Complex Medical Officer (Disease Control) said. Md. Mominul Hasan Himel said, this disease is a combination of many problems. Due to which the patient is not able to move, walk or maintain balance properly. This disease is not good at all. However, it is possible to improve the quality of life through various therapies.
Ghatail Upazila Nirbahi Officer Anjan Kumar Sarkar said, “Officially, all the help and assistance he deserves will be given.”



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