Google is falling into one fine after another for that reason

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Google fined Google, the world’s largest technology company, 600 million for copyright infringement

Google is falling into one fine after another for that reason

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Is that why Google is falling into one fine after another? Google Inc. is a multinational Internet and software provider in the United States. It is especially famous for their Google search engine, online advertising services and cloud computing services. The main source of revenue for Google is advertising, which is managed through the ‘AdWords’ program.Google is falling into one fine after another for that reason

France’s market competition regulators say Google has failed to show honesty in negotiations to pay French news outlets in exchange for news shared on their news sites.

News organizations have long been embroiled in a copyright dispute with major technology companies around the world, with news organizations claiming a portion of Google’s advertising revenue.

According to BBC correspondents, Google has been in talks with about 300 news organizations in France for a long time to share advertising revenue.

The plan was that Google would pay these organizations for the summaries of news from various news outlets that show up in their search results.

This was the first such initiative in Europe.

Google  forced to take such action after the European Union tightened its copyright laws.

But major French news outlets have complained that Google has not been honest enough to reach a consensus on the issue.

Google has said it will pay 121 French news outlets 78 million over three years to settle copyright disputes.

A European Union ruling said that when a news organization wanted to discuss the matter with Google, it had to do so within three months.

But French authorities say Google has broken the rules. And some organizations, such as the news agency AFP, were demanding more money from Google.

French authorities have given Google two months to resolve the issue, or face a 1 million fine every day.

Google says the French authorities’ decision is disappointing, but they will abide by it.

Google’s dispute with French authorities  seen as crucial to the financial future of the media.

In many more countries in the future, Google may have to come to such an agreement with the media.



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