Hakan Ayak trapped in FBI: Criminals arrested in ‘Anam’

Global New News .EN..pic...411 - Hakan Ayak trapped in FBI: Criminals arrested in 'Anam'
Global New News .EN..
Hundreds of members of criminal gangs arrested in 'Anam'

Hakan Ayak trapped in FBI: Criminals arrested in ‘Anam’


Global New News Desk –
Hakan Ayak, trapped in the FBI: `Anam, a worldwide criminal gang. The case began three years ago. After a convict was convicted, he told police officers that if he  given a relatively lenient sentence, he would show the way to take control of a communications firm called ANOM.

The security officials took control of ANOM or ANOM along the road shown.

Ever since then, the FBI in the United States and the Australian police have been working together to find a way to trap hundreds of members of criminal gangs in at least 17 countries around the world.

No one noticed that the news of all their secret activities was going directly to the police.

More than 800 suspected criminals  arrested on Tuesday in an unprecedented crackdown on organized crime in 16 countries in the United States, Australia and Europe. About 50 million dollars in cash and a few tons of drugs  recovered.

This fancy ‘sting operation’  planned to catch these suspected criminals in such a way – that they were attracted to use the anonymous messaging app created and operated by the FBI.

Through this, millions of secret messages of criminals and information of criminal activities came into the hands of the police.

Global New News .EN...pic..,.411 - এফবিআইয়ের ফাঁদে হাকান আয়িক : 'এ্যানম' এ বিশ্বব্যাপী আটক অপরাধীচক্র
Global New News .EN…

What is Enam?

From the user’s point of view, Anum is a messaging app similar to WhatsApp that can send text messages or pictures, video conversations.

Like WhatsApp, it is completely encrypted, meaning its privacy is guaranteed – no one can access it except the user.

Authorities recently shut down several such messaging apps – including ‘Encrochat’ and ‘Sky Global’. After that, the criminal gangs leaned heavily towards Enam.

By March 2021, the number of Enum users stood at about three thousand. But Enm’s subscribers tripled after Encrochat and Sky Global closed.


However, no one can download this anime.

It is available in pre-installed on certain mobile phones – which can  bought on the black market.

The real buyers of these mobiles are the organized criminal gangs.

According to the US daily Washington Post, this specially made phone  very secure and requires the approval of a known user to buy it. The user has to pay up to 2,000 to sign a six-month contract.

The popularity of this phone and messaging app has been steadily rising among high-profile crime syndicates and criminals.


This anum spread in ninety countries,

At first, the use of anum  very rare in a few countries, but later it spread to 90 countries.

Most users were in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and Serbia.

But Enam was actually a trap. It was created in 2016 by American and Australian intelligence officials.

From the outside, users felt that the privacy of the conversations that took place in Anime was always secure, and the security of these phones was impenetrable.

But law enforcement officers in the FBI and a few other countries created a “master key” or secret key.

With it, officials could see all the conversations or information being exchanged without the knowledge of any user, and save it.


Hakan Aik stepped into the Trojan Shield leaf trap,

The FBI called the operation Operation Trojan Shield, and Australian police called it Special Operation Ironside.

Officials from the two companies met in 2016 to drink beer.

There they plan to spread the anonymity into the criminal circle, and through it gather information about what they are doing.

One of the first people in the criminal world to be deceived Hakan Ayik, an Australian of Turkish descent.

Hakan Aik is one of the people through whom this anonymity has spread among the criminal circles in the country.

It can  said that he has helped the police a lot without his knowledge.

That’s why Australian police have called for Hakan Ayak to  arrested on his own.

Because of the reluctant role he played in the operation – his life could be in danger at the hands of other criminals.


Who is this Hakan Aik?

Forty-two-year-old Joseph Hakan Aik is one of Australia’s most wanted criminals.

He is the son of Turkish immigrant parents and grew up in an area where workers live in Sydney, Australia.

More than a decade ago, police identified him as the ringleader of a heroin trafficking ring.

Hakan Aik then fled Australia. He  briefly arrested in Cyprus in 2010 – but disappeared after being granted bail and still a Ferrari.


He has dubbed the ‘Facebook Gangster’ in the Australian media.

Earlier this month, the Australian daily Sydney Herald reported that Hakan Aik  now living a luxurious life in Istanbul, and  accused of being involved in gangs and drug cartels.

She underwent plastic surgery to prevent her appearance

Law enforcement officials also believe that Ra has changed.

Australian journalists have  some videos showing Hakan Ayik driving a 300,000 sports car. He had a diamond ring in his hand.

The song that  being played in the video – it  about his own crime-life.

It  suspected that he is now a high-level drug trafficker – who mainly handles drug shipments from Turkey.

Hakan Ayik said to  living a luxurious life in Istanbul, Turkey

He has  dubbed the ‘Facebook Gangster’ in the Australian media.


Mr. Ayak’s drug cycle  called “Aussie Cartel”,

Mr. Aik’s drug cartel has  dubbed the “Aussie Cartel”  the Australian media, and it  thought he smuggled 1.5 billion worth of drugs into Australia each year.

He has two houses in the elite area of ​​Istanbul and has invested money in various businesses.

He lives in Turkey under the name of Hakan Reis, and has also renounced his Australian citizenship.

Mr. Ayik  married to a Dutch woman and they have two children.

How Hakan Aik became an anum user,

Australian officials say Mr. Aik did not realize that he was playing an important role in the police operation.

Hakan Ayik  provided with a mobile handset by a disguised police agent – so that Anam  already installed.

After that Mr. Ayik himself again praised this anum to his colleagues and encouraged them to use it.

To use Anam, you have to buy a special type of mobile handset from the black market – so that this app is installed.

In addition, to ensure security and confidence, an old user has to send a “code” to the new user to open the anem.

In this way, Anam spread among thousands of criminals.

Police say there are now about 12,000 phones on the black market – including an

anonymous messaging app.

Police in criminals’ pants pockets,

Police officials say that as a result, whenever criminals were talking to Anam, exchanging

messages, sharing drug trafficking and information, or plotting to kill someone – they knew

everything immediately.

Australian Police Commissioner Reese Witherspoon said: “We can say that we were sitting in the back pocket of the pants of organized criminal gangs.”

The surveillance technology framework  developed by Australian officials.

Its job was to break into the phones of each of Enam’s users, break the security encryption of messages, retrieve them, and read them on a platform created by the FBI.

Cocaine hidden in fruit vessels,

For the past 18 months, officials have been searching for 26 million messages sent in 45 languages ​​using the Anam app.

Officials saw countless pictures – showing tons  cocaine being shipped in shipments  fruit. Hundreds of kilograms of cocaine  smuggled into canned goods.

There are also reports  drugs being smuggled from Colombia diplomatic bags.

A total of 9,000 law enforcement officials from 18 countries took part in the operation.
In addition to about কোটি 50 million in cash, cryptocurrencies, eight tons of cocaine, various drugs, 250 guns, expensive cars, etc. recovered.


Hundreds of members of the global criminal ring have  arrested by the FBI

The gangs identified in the operation  scattered around the world, including South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Eight tonnes of cocaine, 22 tonnes of cannabis and hashish, two tonnes of methamphetamine and amphetamines, 250 firearms, 55 luxury cars, and 48 million in cash and cryptocurrencies  recovered.

300 crime syndicates in 100 countries were using 12,000 such devices – millions of messages from which police officers could instantly see.

Nine thousand police officers from all over the world  involved in the operation. They find out how the criminals are discussing among themselves everything from drug and money laundering to murder plans.

Among the targets of the operation were drug traffickers and people associated with the mafia.

More than 600 suspected criminals have  arrested in the raids in 18 countries.

The name of this fancy sting operation was ‘Operation Trojan Shield / Green-Light’.

It involved the FBI in the United States and Australia. According to the plan, they use a messaging app called Anum – which  created by the FBI itself.

Criminal gangs were looking for new and safer phones as various law enforcement agencies shut down some of the popular messaging apps.

Taking advantage of this, the FBI secretly spread the mobile phone criminals through their spies who have installed the Anam app.

As a result, the police were able to monitor the criminals’ phone conversations and text messages.

Officials say it is a landmark event in crime suppression.

After the campaign ended, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said they had  able to deal a major blow against organized crime around the world. Sources, BBC


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