In the New Year, 874 cars were burnt in France

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In the New Year, 874 cars were burnt in France



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In France, 874 cars were set on fire on the eve of the Christian New Year. Unidentified persons set fire to the cars following the old tradition of New Year. Several people have  brought under interrogation in the incident, police said. News from the BBC.





After the outbreak of violence in several French cities in 2005, car burning during the New Year has become an annual occurrence in the country. However, the French Interior Ministry says the number of car burnings has dropped this year compared to previous years due to the Corona ban.




A statement from the ministry on Saturday said 1,317 vehicles had  set on fire in 2019 before the Corona situation. Last year, the Corona situation continued during the New Year and due to the curfew, there was not much of a car burning during the New Year.





The Interior Ministry said in a statement that more people had  detained and interrogated this year than in 2019. Yesterday, 441 people  interrogated. In 2019, the number of people brought under interrogation was 36.





CNN reports that 31 people, including seven children, have  interrogated in Strasbourg, northeastern France, in connection with the car fire. They  interrogated for breaking the curfew. The rest have  questioned on charges of arson in the car.




According to Strasbourg authorities, four police officers were slightly injured in the car fire.






According to French media reports, about 95,000 members of the police and paramilitary

forces, including 32,000 firefighters and security personnel,  deployed to quell the

violent New Year celebrations.




In France, meanwhile, the Corona ban has  partially lifted, but new restrictions have

imposed this month on Amicron. More than 2,000 people have barred from

attending the event since January 3 in a closed room.





It will be compulsory for those who can do office work from home. Wearing a mask has

again  made compulsory in Paris to deal with the Corona situation. 69 people have

fined for not wearing masks.




In the New Year 874 cars were burnt in France