Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ cannot be used in three countries

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Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ cannot be used in three countries: spying on the pockets of VIPs around the world,


Spy in the pocket! How much does it cost? The Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations, Mossad, Executive Office, History, Mossad was born in 1949, but no one knew who the head of the agency was until 1996.


Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ cannot be used in three countries


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The best known animal in Greek mythology is the Pegasus or Bird King (ancient Greek: Πήγασος, Pégasos, Latin: Pegasus), which has two wings. Its skin color is mostly white.


According to Greek mythology, when Perseus cut off the head of Medus from his throat, Pegasus and Ceresor were born from the blood that flowed from Medusa’s throat.



Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ cannot be used in three countries

Bird King Horse and Spring


Bellerophone was the son of King Glucas and Queen Urinomi, who was known for his great courage, vigor and physical features. Bellerophone conducted operations against Kimiras and the Amazon with the help of Pegasus.


The most common opinion about the subjugation of Bellerophone Pegasus is: No one could catch Pegasus, but Bellerophone went to the temple of the goddess Athena to sleep at the suggestion of the wise prophet Pauline of Corinth.


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The next day, Bellerophone woke up to find a gold bridle in his pocket. He took it and went out to look for the Pegasus. And that’s where the Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ came from.


Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ cannot be used in three countries

Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’


In the face of rejection by the Arab League, Israel was declared a Jewish state on 14 May 1948. The people of Europe have not forgotten the nightmare of the Holocaust. As a result, this small Jewish state is ready from the beginning to take any step to eliminate the threat of extinction.


Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ has recently sparked a worldwide discussion. It is a technology that has put the security of VIPs around the world at risk.


As we know, kings, presidents and prime ministers of different countries get the most security in the world. No one gets more security than them.


Security cordons around the house for several kilometers, along with trained bodyguards and various security devices are used to prevent terrorist attacks and human spying.


But all this has become unnecessary now! Because if you have to carry a spy in your pocket, then what will happen with these security measures?


A smart phone, a message and a click are enough to put a spy in your pocket. Your personal audio, video, pictures will all reach the spy leaders. Discussions about this digital spy have been going on in the international media since last week.


An international consortium has found that at least 50,000 phone numbers around the world have been hacked with a software called Pegasus made by Israel.


Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ cannot be used in three countries


Spy in the pocket!


This search raises a new question. That is, the Israeli government is involved with the NSO group. The group is named after the founders Niv, Salev and Omri. The Guardian newspaper in London quoted an official inside the company as saying that the company’s policy was a state secret.


However, the company has to follow a rule called ‘Golden Rule’. That is, it cannot be used in the United States, Russia or Israel.


In 2011, Mexico was the first to purchase Pegasus spyware. According to the NSO, 60 government institutions in 40 countries are their buyers. The Israeli government has already set up a commission of inquiry into whether the software has been misused. Although the NSO has denied all the allegations.


According to the British daily The Guardian, the malware has the ability to secretly monitor iOS or Android powered phones. If the Pegasus can get into the phone in any way, it has the ability to turn the phone into a 24-hour surveillance device without the owner knowing. When sending or receiving messages or pictures from the phone, Pegasus secretly copies and smuggles them to certain places.


This spyware can secretly record phone conversations and secretly record the owner’s video using the phone’s camera. Pegasus can also find out where the phone user is, where they went or who they met.


A text message or e-mail is sent that contains a link. When you click on that link, Pegasus takes control of the phone. This is the information of 2016. Now NSO Group has strengthened the capabilities of software many times over.


Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ cannot be used in three countries



How much does it cost?


In 2016, the New York Times reported that the NSO group valued Pegasus software at 500,000 lakh dollars. And it takes more charge to hack people’s phones. At that time, a total of 6 lakh dollars was taken to hack 10 iPhones or Android phones. It would have cost 500,000 lakh dollar to hack five BlackBerrys. You had to pay 8 lakh dollar to target an additional 100 phones and 5 lakh to hack 50 phones. Also NSO total value as annual management fee It took 17 percent. The NSO signed a 55 million deal with Saudi Arabia.



Those on target


A joint investigation by 17 of the world’s leading media outlets, including the Washington Post, London’s The Guardian, France’s La Monde, journalists’ organization Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, has uncovered horrific information about Pegasus. Such a large interference in a person’s personal freedom through a smart phone may not be possible by anyone else. The name of the research program was ‘Pegasus Project’.


Amnesty has conducted forensic examinations of Sixty-seven phones to determine if spyware software has been inserted. Through this 37 positives have come. However, many important issues are still unclear.


The search, which lasted several months, examined more than 50,000 mobile phone numbers used by important people in different parts of the world. Among the 14 states and governments that have been found to have targeted Pegasus are three incumbent presidents – Emanuel Macron of France, Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa and Barham Salih of Iraq.


Three of the 10 prime ministers are still in power. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, Egypt’s Mostafa Madab Uli and Morocco’s Saad-ud-Din Alothmani. The target is King Mohammed VI of Morocco. There are phone numbers of 600 government officials and politicians from 34 countries. There are also members of the Arab royal family, 64 company officials, 189 journalists and 85 human rights activists.





The way Pegasus leaked information


The NSO Group, an Israeli-based intelligence and security technology company, is the inventor of the popular spyware Pegasus. It  believed that since 2016, Pegasus   used as ‘Q Suite’ and sometimes as ‘Trident’.


Pegasus  considered to  one of the most effective spyware software in the world today. It can easily penetrate iOS, Apple and Android smartphones. News from NDTV.


Governments around the world are using Pegasus through legal licenses. This hacking technology started selling in a limited range from 2019. Initially, the main buyers were the state intelligence agencies and related agencies of different countries.


The NSO Group, the software’s inventor, said on its website that it was helping government agencies protect thousands of people by investigating terrorism and preventing global crime.


In addition, the organization’s human rights policy states that they comply with certain obligations under the agreement. This includes investigating and preventing terrorism and crime in question. They are also said to  vigilant to ensure that human rights are not violated through their products.


This is not the first time Pegasus has leaked information; At the end of 2019, Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp reported that in May of that year, Pegasus targeted about 1,400 WhatsApp users in 20 countries around the world. They said that some Indian journalists are also among them.



The software may  installed automatically even if not received


To leak information, first create a fake WhatsApp account and then make a video call to another WhatsApp number. When a suspicious user’s phone rings, a malicious code  sent to that number and the spyware  automatically installed. The software can  installed automatically even if no one receives the phone.


The attacker then took control of the entire phone system. It’s so scary that once the spyware  installed, anyone can easily take control of WhatsApp messaging and talking, voice calls, passwords, contact lists, various event calendars, phone microphones, and even cameras.


Despite all this, the NSO group has denied harming anyone through the software. On the contrary, they claim that they are selling software to government agencies to help them legally and experimentally.


“The Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations” Mossad


Mossad (Hebrew: המוסד; Arabic: الموساد, al-Mōsād; Italian meaning “the institute”), short HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim (Hebrew: המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים,


Meaning “The Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations”; Arabic: الموساد للاستخبارات والمهام الخاصة al-Mōsād lil-Istikhbārāt wal-Mahāmm al-Khāṣṣah) Israel’s main and national intelligence agency, formed in 1949. References, Wikipedia


Its policies and activities are similar to those of the CIA in the United States, the MI6 in the United Kingdom, and the CSIS in Canada. Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv.


Collecting important information secretly outside Israel’s borders, ensuring that hostile countries do not develop or procure special weapons, and preventing conspiracies to attack Israeli targets at home and abroad, in countries where Israeli immigration agencies cannot be legally active. The Mossad is responsible for bringing Jews to Israel from all countries.



Executive office


The Mossad has a total of eight divisions run by selected officers from the Israeli military and civilian intelligence. Here is some information about the five departments:


Collection Department: This is the largest department of Mossad. Working abroad in disguise including diplomats, businessmen, journalists The agents of this department do.

Department of Political Action and Liaison: The task of this group is to coordinate with the intelligence and intelligence agencies of each friendly country.


Special Operations Department: This group used in assassinations.


LAP DEPARTMENT: This group promotes psychological warfare to put pressure on opponents and spread confusion by spreading misinformation in enemy camps.


Research Department: This group of researchers is constantly working to increase technological excellence in all areas of intelligence research and ‘counter intelligence’.





In the face of rejection the Arab League, Israel declared a Jewish state on 14 May 1948. The people of Europe have not forgotten the nightmare of the Holocaust. As a result, this small Jewish state is ready from the beginning to take any step to eliminate the threat of extinction.


Mossad  founded by David Ben-Gurion, the country’s first prime minister, 19 months after Israel established as a state. Mossad’s activities, called The Central Institute for Coordination, began on December 13, 1949, but  officially established in March 1951.


The structure that formed to gather important information for the Jewish banned organizations that  were struggling before the establishment of Israel called the predecessor of the Mossad. Mossad is not a military service. Most of the officers are from the Israeli Defense Forces.


Although Mossad was born in 1949, no one knew about the head of the organization until 1996


Although Mossad was born in 1949, no one knew about the head of the organization until 1996. When Danny Yatam  replaced by Sabtai in 1996, the world knew for the first time who was the head of the organization.


When Nikita Khrushchev accused Stalin in a secret meeting at the 28th Communist Conference in the Soviet Union in 1956 and declared himself president, Mossad handed over a copy of that statement to the CIA.


This is the first time the CIA realizes Mossad’s activities so that the CIA  overwhelmed. Because an agency like the CIA also failed to collect such sensitive news.