Israeli submarine in the campaign, how much power is in it?

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Israel’s submarine dangerous operation! What’s in an Israeli Dolphin class submarine:




Israeli submarine in the campaign, how much power is in it?



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An Israeli submarine has entered the Red Sea. Meanwhile, various media outlets have reported that a submarine of the Israeli dolphin class secretly entered the Red Sea through the Suez Canal on Wednesday, August 4. Two Israeli destroyers also crossed the Suez Canal on the same day. The destroyer is thought to be guarding two Israeli submarines. The submarine could cross the Babul Mandeb Strait and head for the Persian Gulf, and its potential target is Iran so.Israeli submarine campaign power 





Tel Aviv has taken this step after an attack on an Israeli-owned tanker off the coast of Oman this month also. Israel and its Western allies Britain and the United States have blamed Iran for the attack. Tehran has categorically denied the allegations also.Israeli submarine campaign power 




Meanwhile, on August 4, various media outlets reported that the Israeli spy agency Mossad had transferred its state-of-the-art cyber equipment to the United Arab Emirates. Israel is believed to have launched a cyber operation aimed at disrupting ships and




flights in the Persian Gulf so.





Israel is sending submarines at a time when the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea are being repeatedly warned not to challenge Iran so. Israel’s ambitious campaign is being discouraged from various quarters also. Among them is General Amos Yadlin, a former Israeli military attache to the United States so. He has strongly discouraged Tel Aviv from engaging in any conflict with Iran in the Persian Gulf. He says Iran has absolute military dominance in the Persian Gulf.




The military official described Israel’s drone and missile capabilities to Israel. He cited the Iranian missile strike on a US base in Iraq as an example.







What’s in an Israeli Dolphin class submarine:

Each submarine is equipped with a 6 × 533 mm (21.0 inch) torpedo tube and a 4 × 650 mm (26 in) torpedo tube. Very large 50mm tubes can be used for mine laying, larger submarine-launched cruise missiles or swimming delivery vehicles, and tubes with liners can be used for standard torpedoes and submarine-launched missiles.Israeli submarine campaign power 






The boat originally equipped with Atlas Electronic DM2A3 torpedoes using wire-guided active homing to reach a 260 kg (570 lb) warhead at a maximum speed of 40 knots (74 km / h; 46 mph) at 13 km / h (8.1 mph). ) Away, in passive homing mode 22 knots (41 km / h; 25 miles) and a speed of up to 28 kilometers (17 miles) is possible.




Israel procured more advanced DM2A4 torpedoes, the successor to their DM2A3s, which equipped with electrically powered, fiber optic communication systems and resistant signal processing and missions also. A wet and dry bogie has placed under the water for the deployment of special operations teams so.





Jane’s Defense Weekly reported that Dolphin-class submarines considered nuclear-armed, giving Israel the capability of a sea-based, second strike also. In 2000, the Clinton administration rejected an Israeli request to buy a Tomahawk long-range SLCM in accordance with the rules of the Missile Technology Control Regime so.




The Dolphin Class Automatic Sensor Management,

The U.S. Navy has deployed nuclear-armed and conventional Tomahawk missiles for its submarine fleet

that launched from standard heavy 533mm torpedo tubes. Federation of American Scientists and

GlobalSecurity.R. The report said that four large torpedo tubes would launch the Israeli-built nuclear-equipped Popeye Turbo Cruise Missile (a variant of the Popeye standoff missile).




Capable, and the U.S. Navy has recorded an Israeli submarine-powered cruise missile test in the Indian

Ocean within 1,500 kilometers (930 miles). The Dolphin

class uses the ISS 90-1-1 TCS weapon control system supplied by STN Atlas Electronic for automatic sensor

management, fire control, navigation and operations. The installed radar warning receiver is capable of 4CH

(V) 2 Timnex electronic support system, scanning from 5 GHz to 20 GHz frequency band and accurately identifying

radar sites between 5 to 10 degree angles (frequency depending).





The surface search radar is an ELTA unit that works in the eye band. The gold suite includes advanced Atlas

Electronic CSU 90 Hull-Mount Passive and Active Search and Attack Gold.





Ship and internal features detected by magnetic

PRS-3 Passive Range Gold Supplied by Atlas Electronic, Flank Array FAS-3 Passive Search Gold.





Features a significant design h’The prismatic hole cross-section and the smooth transition from light to sail,

which enhances the stealth characteristics of the boat. Ships and internal features significantly reduced

the possibility being detected magnetic or equipped with magnetic naval mines.Israeli submarine campaign power 






Dolphins can mount an external special force hanger off their outside. Equipped with three V-16 396 SE84 diesel

engines built by The DolphinST MTU Friedrichshafen

(now Tognam), developing 3.12 MW (4,180 hp) of sustainable power.




The submarines equipped with three Siemens 750 KW alternatives, and a Siemens 2.85 MW durable-power

motor that drives a single shaft. Miles) provides snorkeling speed.





The hull rated for dives up to 350 meters (1,150 feet). The maximum crude range travels at 8,000 nautical

miles (15,000 km; 9,200 miles) at 8 knots (15 km / h; 9.2 miles) and 400 nautical miles (740 km; 460 miles) at


8 knots (15 km / h); 9.2 miles per hour drowned; These  designed to stay unfinished at the station for up to 30 days ্া. Sources, Wikimedia