Jamuka’s list of 52 freedom fighters’ certificates and gazettes canceled in Bangladesh, The certificate of the freedom fighter wounded in the war is also being canceled


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The gazette and certificate of a teenage war wounded freedom fighter of Ghatail upazila of Tangail who fought for his life is being canceled. After 49 years of independence, there has been anger among the freedom fighters of the upazila over the cancellation of the certificate and gazette of a real freedom fighter. The freedom fighter named Mohammad Abdul Basheed Karim (62) is a retired school teacher. The house is in Dakshinpara village of Ghatail municipal area.

Mohammad Abdul Basheed Karim
Khorshed Alam Talukder (Bir Pratik), the company commander under whose leadership he fought, said, “Basheed Karim fought under me.” He is a real war wounded freedom fighter. Canceling his gazette and certificate means disrespecting me and the freedom fighters of the whole Ghatail and canceling the certificate. Former Tangail District Freedom Fighter Commander Fazlul Haque (Bir Pratik) said, “I know and know Basheed Karim. He is a real war-torn teenage freedom fighter.
The National Freedom Fighters Council (Jamuka) recommended the cancellation of the certificates and gazettes of Bangabandhu’s killer Mosleh Uddin and 51 other freedom fighters. The decision was taken at a meeting of Jamuka on November 19 this year. It is learned that the Ministry of Freedom Fighters will issue a notification in this regard soon. The reason given is that Mosleh Uddin is an accused in the Bangabandhu murder and jail killing case. Two of them have names in the red liberation message and most of the others are freedom fighters who were gazetted during the BNP-Jamaat period. The list contains the name of a person from Ghatail named Mohammad Abdul Basheed Karim. Why, for what reason he does not know his name in that list after so many years of independence. However, he said, “When Tofazzal Hossain, the former freedom fighter commander of Ghatail upazila, applied for the war-wounded freedom fighter’s allowance, I opposed him.” Because he is not a war wounded. Being a real freedom fighter, I could not accept his work. His idea is that Tofazzal Hossain has done this by lobbying above. When Tofazzal Hossain wanted to know about the allegations of Basheed Karim, he left. Asked not to speak on his mobile phone, he told the reporter, “I have no comment on what you like.” If you want from somewhere else, maybe I will think of commenting. And if I objected, he would have dropped out long ago. “I am a freedom fighter, I just wanted to die with this honor,” Basheed said. I was shot in the arms and legs in the war and I did not get so much pain that Jamuka is giving that list. Maybe the war is paying the price for the blood shed as a teenager.
He dreamed about the country, he dreamed. That is why thousands of children and teenagers have developed their minds by engaging themselves in a great profession like teaching. He was still walking, limping, with so much energy in his hand. He has also served as the Deputy Commander of Ghatail Upazila Muktijoddha Sangsad for a long time.
In this regard, the Minister for Liberation War Affairs AKM Mozammel Haque said on his mobile phone, their names have come locally. Listed on the basis of various reports from all over Bangladesh. If the list goes to press, we have no hand. And if not, we’ll see. And he has the opportunity to appeal. If the name of a real freedom fighter is forgotten, it will be corrected.


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