Jump into the river Ganges from the bridge to make funny videos, then disappear

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Five friends plan to make a ‘funny video‘ together. According to that plan, they reached the second Hooghly bridge by motorbike on Sunday.

A young man drowned while jumping into the Ganges River from the second Hooghly Bridge to make a ‘funny’ video. No trace of the drowned youth has been found yet.

After taking a selfie, the two youths jumped into the Ganges from there by turning on the video camera of the mobile. One of them sank into the Ganges. One of them has been rescued. It is known that they are all residents of Tiljala.

Police said the two youths who jumped were one of them, Tastagir Alam and the other Zakir Sardar. Later, 23-year-old Alam was rescued by a diver. But Zakir has not been found yet. Four people who were with the youth at the time of the incident are being questioned. The whole thing will be clear after learning from them.

According to the source, the youths often used to make such videos. I used to upload it on YouTube. Zakir’s father has lodged a complaint with Hastings Police Station.

The two drowned and the rest did not jump into the river. Everyone knew how to swim. Whether there is any other reason behind this incident is also being investigated.

The question arises as to how they jumped from the second Hooghly Bridge without being monitored. Police are checking the CCTV footage of the bridge. Source: Anandabazar Patrika


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