Kidnapped by love, three arrested by RAB

Kidnapped by love, three arrested by RAB
Global New News - Kidnapped by love, three arrested by RAB

Kidnapped by love three arrested by RAB



(Kidnapped by love three)


Global New News Desk –

Kidnapping by love, arrest of gang members at the hands of RAB. Kidnapping and ransom demands

trapped in love; Three members of the kidnapping ring were arrested by the RAB. According to RAB,


the operation was carried out by RAB-12 on Saturday (April 10) at around 4:30 am under the leadership

of Muhammad Mohiuddin Miraj,

the company commander in charge of the special company and (mediaofficer) Assistant Superintendent

of Police so.


RAB-12 rescued the victim Shri Ram Chandra Saha (32) and returned him to his family through the

intelligence surveillance of a vigilante expedition team of a special company so.

Three members of the kidnapping ring arrested. A CNG, two mobile phones, a letter of appointment and

a bank check book also seized from them so.

The arrested are,

1. Md. Afshar Ali (52) Sang-Dulrakhali Perir Junction, Thana-Belkuchi, 2. Delete: Sharmin

Khatun (21), father-Md. Saiful Islam, Sang-Khoksabari, Pramanikpara, Thana-Sirajganj, 3. Deleted:


Maryam Begum (48), husband-Md. Saiful Islam, Sang-Khoksabari, Pramanikpara, Thana-Sirajganj

Sadar All


On April 6, 2021, Shri Ram Chandra Saha (32), father- Niranjan Chandra Shah, Sang-Kadamtali

(Daripara), Union-Kadamtali, Thana-Gabtali, District-Bogra could not be found.

so ‍ He made a general

diary at the police station and asked RAB-12 help in rescuing


Information technology,

He started the rescue operation through information technology under the direction of the commander

of RAB-12. Following this,

RAB-12’s media officer Assistant Superintendent of Police Muhammad Mohiuddin Miraj said that the

socio-economic banking association (service) working in the Bogra

branch so. Sharmin Khatun (21) fell in love with Bogra businessman Ram Chandra Shah (Victim) as part


of a scam and took financial help from the victim at different times due to her job in Bogra.

so According the previous plan,and the victim asked to return his dues and come Sirajganj a private


so According the previous plan, the victim actually taken to Sirajganj by the accused Sharmin Belkuchi to


the members of his kidnapping ring. Later so, as per the previous plan, they went a place called

Charanbipur Gramastha of Belkuchi Police Station so.

They tied the victim’s hands and feet and took him

hostage at gunpoint so. The idea is that this cycle has been trapping people for a long time and demanding ransom.



The arrested accused  are being handed over  Belkuchi police station so on.

RAB-12 is committed the formation of Sonar Bangla keeping the campaign against such abductions

alive so. Inform RAB-12 – Participate in building a drug-free and militant-free