Laiki closed 43,000 accounts in Bangladesh for violating the policy

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42851 accounts in Bangladesh have been blocked for violating the policy , Singapore-based short video making and publishing platform Laiki, swimming party around Tiktak-Laiki in the country, prostitution, the responsibility of controlling his family, opportunities for teenagers Hundreds of crores of rupees smuggled through 'Like' and 'Bigo Live'


Laiki closed 43,000 accounts in Bangladesh for violating the policy

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Laiki closed 43000 accounts in Bangladesh for violating the policy. Like is a short video creation and sharing platform, available for iOS and Android operating systems. It  originally launched in July 2016 by Bigo, a Singapore-based company. The app features special effects-based video shooting and editing, such as 4D Magic, and dynamic stickers. Laiki closed 43,000 accounts in Bangladesh for violating the policy

As of the second quarter of 2019, Like’s monthly active users reached 60.7 million, and this number reached 100.2 million in the third quarter.


In September 2012, it introduced the Parental Controls feature, which allows Like users’ parents and guardians to remotely control or restrict access to content in the app.


Adolescents have the opportunity to socialize freely.

Recent craze – YouTube, TickTock, Like, Vigo content. Standard or inferior; Videos are being made with meaningless and meaningless things. Young teenagers are creating various content with mobile. But the concern  that the so-called gangs are being formed to do these things, various crimes are happening. Analysts say that these content creators are stepping on a dangerous path due to lack of healthy mental development.


Anything obscene, tasteful – millions of viewers of these content online. All over the country can  seen in the hands of the teenagers are holding video images piece by piece. It will  edited on mobile and uploaded through various social media. Why teenagers, making videos?


Adolescents have the opportunity to socialize freely, and this opportunity  being used promote women and rape.


Talking to a few people who like and tick content, it  known that they are leaning here mainly because of fame and money. Besides, they also find a kind of tension in it.


The viewers and creators of these entertaining content-dependent content are usually children and teenagers. People who have worked on platforms like Facebook and YouTube for a long time in the country say that they have  forced to give up tickling and liking due to uncontrolled content.


Content creator Mahsan Sapna said that the issue of factionalism has entered into this. In addition, there is a tendency among the users of these platforms to gain cheap popularity by creating degrading content.


His family, responsible for controlling

Psychologists say that the so-called star fame through social media and the greed of getting money at the wrong time is misleading the children and teenagers . Their mental development  being hampered. Many  getting involved in gang culture.


Psychologist Mekhla Sarkar said that if a 16/17 year old child gains popularity due to these platforms, then he has a tendency to look like a kind of superior. The family  responsible for how much it will  controlled.

Police AIG (Media) Sohail Rana said, “We are getting reports that some of these content creators are involved in various social crimes through gang culture.” We are keeping an eye on this issue.

The police officer advised the parents to  more aware so that the children and teenagers do not get involved in gang culture.Laiki closed 43,000 accounts in Bangladesh for violating the policy


Swimming parties around the country, body trade behind the scenes,

Adolescents are addicted  being a star. In addition to the mainstream media, the handful of stars through social media. Adolescents are drowning in the darkness of crime by jumping there without realizing it.

15 to 20 second video. Millions of views. Not values ​​or discourse, the main propaganda here. The calculation here is of likes, comments and followers. Criminal analysts and technology experts fear that the consequences of app-centric moral decay could be dire so.


Salauddin Selim, a crime analyst and technology expert, said the Like-TickTock app is a link to sex. Through this they become acquainted with each other and become filthy.


Touhidul Haque, a social and criminologist, said that if children  accustomed to such a culture, the future would be unhealthy.


Billions of rupees smuggled through live video streaming apps ‘Like’ and ‘Bigo Live’

A few days ago, the police arrested 5 people, including foreign nationals, on charges of illegally smuggling hundreds of crores of rupees from Bangladesh every month.
The arrested are Mustafa Saif Reza, Arif Hossain, SM Nazmul Haque, Asma ul Husna Sejuti and an unidentified foreign national. The CID remanded them for two days for questioning so.


According to the police, the country’s youth and expatriates are mainly targeted through ‘Like’ and ‘Bigo Live’. Those who join the pornographic live chat of young women scheduled in exchange for the so-called diamond.


Millions of Bangladeshi users of these apps are buying diamonds through online banking, hundi, virtual currency and banks. And crores  rupees are being smuggled abroad  buying those diamonds.


Kamrul Ahsan, additional DIG of the CID’s cyber unit, said the arrested foreign nationals  directly involved with Bigo Live and Like.


Mostafa Saif Reza Bigo


Bangladeshi admin of Losig. Arif Hossain used to associate with Bigo Live by giving jobs to different girls in Bangladesh on a monthly salary. SM Nazmul Haque is one of the leading Bangladeshi agents for selling virtual currency diamonds and Asma ul Husna is the chief admin of Sejuti Bigo Live. Admins get a salary of one lakh rupees per month also.


He added that Bigo Live and Like are usually streamed videos  young people of the country and expatriate Bangladeshis. Bigo Live app has two types of IDs.


One is Broadcaster ID and the other is Supporter ID or Sender ID.


Adolescents stream videos live using Broadcaster ID. This video is streaming live to spread various kinds of obscenity behind the so-called entertainment.


According to the press conference, those who streamed video through Supporter ID or Sender ID  given digital coin-like diamond gifts in return. Later, he used to make huge amount of money illegally by converting these diamonds into money. Their target is mainly the youth of the country and the expatriate Bangladeshis living abroad.


The temptation to chat with them on live streaming is common among users. For that, users have to buy a virtual coin called Diamond. These diamonds can  purchased using various means including mobile banking services commonly used in Bangladesh. Users can join the chat with that coin as a gift. The more diamond gifts he gets, the more obscene he does live also.


Cyber ​​Police DIG Jamil Ahmed said there are various agencies with different names to deliver diamonds to the general users. There are several such agents in Bangladesh. Each of these agencies has multiple payment gateways.

Advertisements these  agencies  usually advertised through various social media including Facebook. Ordinary users buy diamonds by paying a certain amount through the agency’s payment gateway.


He said that millions of Bangladeshi app users and expatriate Bangladeshis are buying diamonds through online banking, hundi, virtual currency and banks. Bangladeshi agencies buy diamonds from foreign admins also. These agencies are using various illegal means to smuggle money abroad so.


Through this, crores  rupees  smuggled abroad illegally every month. It is possible to buy diamonds by texting from Bigo Live or by contacting WhatsApp. DIG Jamil Ahmed further said,


It is possible to buy diamonds by texting from Bigo Live or by contacting WhatsApp. The arrested SM Nazmul Haque used to trade diamonds mainly through foreign agencies so.


RAB Director General (DG) Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun said,

Young people are making videos following the subculture through controversial apps including TickTock-Like. So that there is violent and ugly content. Recently, the issue of sexual abuse of a Bangladeshi girl in India came to the notice of the administration. In the wake of this incident, the RAB has demanded to ban the controversial apps including Tiktak also.

The agency’s director general (DG) Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun said it was time to ban controversial apps, including TickTock-Like. He was speaking as the chief guest at a debate on the use of social media to increase juvenile delinquency in the capital on Saturday (June 5th) so.

42,851 accounts banned in Bangladesh for violating policy

These accounts have  shut down from January to May this year. In the first five months of this year, 42,651 accounts in Bangladesh have  banned for violating the policy also.Laiki closed 43000 accounts in Bangladesh for violating the policy

These accounts have  closed since January to May this year.



A statement from Laiki said that Laiki is spreading positive values ​​through its video creation platform to content creators and celebrities to inform users about the Laiki community policy so. Laiki has recently launched a campaign titled ‘#BhaloRajyanJano’ to inform about it so.


As part of the campaign, many popular celebrities and influencers created videos on content posting rules and spontaneous participation to build a safe and healthy online community also.


Among them were model and actress Mumtahina Chowdhury Toya, YouTuber Touhid Afridi, actress Tanha Tasnia, Ten Minute School founder and CEO Ayman Sadiq and Gender Equality Consultant Rizvi Arefin also.Laiki closed 43,000 accounts in Bangladesh for violating the policy


Over the past few months, Laiki has taken important steps to filter out offensive content. As well as encouraging its users to create creative videos.


“Anything that deviates from our standards of ethics and ethics  not encouraged,” said Joy, Laiki’s head of operations in Bangladesh also.Laiki closed 43000 accounts in Bangladesh for violating the policy


From January to May this year, a total of 42,651 accounts  blocked for violating the policy, and about 600,000 videos face various penalties each month.


In any case  the safety and security policy  violated, Laiki has the mentality to work with the relevant law enforcement agencies.

















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