Leaders in hiding have vowed to continue fighting Myanmar’s military

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At least 12 people were killed in protests against Myanmar’s military rule on Saturday.

Politicians in hiding after the military coup have announced that they will continue their struggle against the military authorities.

Law enforcers allegedly fired on the demonstrators came.

“This is the darkest moment for the nation, but the light will come soon,” said Mahn Win Khyang Than, head of a committee of hidden politicians.

Mr. is hiding with a group of lawmakers. Than, who did not accept last month’s coup. They are claiming to be the legitimate government of Myanmar.

In Myanmar on February 1, protesters took to the streets after the military seized power. The military junta has also arrested Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD).

The NLD won a landslide victory in last year’s election, but the military claims the election was rigged.

The NLD MPs who escaped arrest have fled and formed a new group, the Committee for Representing Paidungsu Haltu (CRPH), headed by Mahan Win Khyang Than.

The NLD MP who escaped arrest has fled and formed a new group, the Committee for Representing Paidungsu Haltu (CRPH), with Mahan Win Khyang Than as acting head.

The CRPH is seeking international recognition as the legitimate government of Myanmar.

“This is a time when our citizens’ ability to fight against darkness is being tested,” Mahn Win Khyang Than said in a Facebook message.

“Even though we have been divided in the past, we must now fight hand in hand against military rule,” he said.

The military considers the CRPH to be an illegal group. They warned that those who would assist the committee would be charged with treason.

Despite the military’s claims that Myanmar’s November election was rigged, the international community disagrees. According to observers, there was no rigging in that election.

Last week, the military accused Aung San Suu Kyi of illegally accepting 6 million dollars and 11kg of gold. However, no evidence has been presented so far. NLD lawmakers have denied the allegations.

He has been detained by the military for the past five weeks. A number of charges have been filed against him, including intimidation, illegal possession of radio equipment and breach of the Covid-19 regulations.

Since the coup, the military has used violent means to quell protests, killing scores of people. The international community has condemned it. Sources, BBC