Lolo Zouai Never Leaves The House Without Eyeliner


If there was ever a moment that truly encapsulates the title of Lolo Zouai’s 2019 debut album, High Highs to Low Lows, it’s the one we’re living in right now. Like many of us, Zouai’s year started off on a high: The French-Algerian singer was slated to join the European leg of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia tour as the opening act from April to June. But a global pandemic reared its head in February and postponed the tour indefinitely. That could be considered one of the “low lows” on Zouai’s list, depending on what day you ask her, but today, she’s optimistic. “At first, I was just staying at home [in Los Angeles] and playing a lot of Scrabble,” she tells me over the phone. Then she decided to move back to Brooklyn and turn her apartment into a makeshift studio, where she wrote, produced, and recorded her own songs during quarantine.


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