NGOs have fled with crores of taka from customers in Bangladesh


News Desk –
Hasna Begum, 32, wife of Saiful Islam, an expatriate from Kutubpur village in Sakhipur upazila, became a member of an NGO called ‘Grameen Dustha Samaj Unnayan Sangstha’ just a month ago. In the meantime, the authorities have started giving loans. Each will be given a loan of 2 lakh rupees. There is an order from the higher authorities, for which all the members have to deposit Rs 20,000 in advance, said the field worker. Hasna Begum deposited money in such a greedy offer. Since the other members did not have money, he continued to pay Rs 60,000 to the three members. There is talk of taking out a loan and repaying the money. Last Tuesday, NGO workers from the center came to the office with the money. On Thursday, all the NGO officials and employees were fleeing, after receiving secret information, he and other customers blocked the officials. The co-president and general secretary of Sagardighi Merchant Association took initiative to resolve the issue. In their presence, the NGO authorities wrote checks to the customers against the money on Friday morning. As the bank was closed on Friday and Saturday, no one came to collect the check. Today, on Sunday (December 6), the customers came and saw that everything was wrapped up and the NGO was gone. The victim Hasna Begum was saying the words. He alleged that the leaders of the trade association had helped the NGO to escape by taking money. The incident of NGO disappearing with crores of rupees due to greed took place in Sagardighi of Ghatail upazila of Tangail. The victims surrounded the NGO’s office and protested on Sunday (December 8th) afternoon.
It is learned that the NGO ‘Grameen Dustha Samaj Unnayan Sangstha’ had been conducting savings and lending activities in Sagardighi area of ​​Ghatail upazila since 2014. A man named Mansur Alam from Sylhet founded the NGO. Its activities were going on with the rent of the house of local Ajibar Ali. Whose registration number is T-G-2341. It has about three hundred and fifty members in 26 centers. The NGO had to flee a few months ago. That is why they had to collect extra money in the name of lending. He has taken a minimum of Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 from each member. Until the last news, the president and general secretary of the merchant association are holding a meeting with the clients of the NGO.
Saiful Islam, general secretary of Sagardighi Merchants’ Association, denied the allegations, saying, “I did not agree when customers asked me to take responsibility.” Customers were responsible for keeping the owner and manager on guard until Sunday. He managed to escape.
Sagardighi UP Chairman Md. Hekmat Sikder said, “Initially, I was skeptical about the activities of this NGO and protested against some of its activities.” The NGO was blessed with political umbrella and special people. Almost crores of rupees have disappeared.
Upazila Social Welfare Officer Asadul Islam said that it is a voluntary organization. They are not allowed to give any kind of loan. If they do so, their registration will be canceled. In response to a question on how the loan had been coming for so long, he said that he may have been doing it secretly.