Notification of lockdown issued in Bangladesh, the restrictions given

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A total of 16 restrictions have been mentioned in the notification




Notification of lockdown issued in Bangladesh, the restrictions given


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Notification of lockdown issued in Bangladesh, the restrictions given . A notification has been issued announcing a one-week lockdown in Bangladesh from tomorrow. Notification of lockdown issued in Bangladesh, the restrictions given there will be a week-long lockdown across the country from Monday. Awami League General Secretary and bridges Minister Obaidul Quader announced the government’s decision at a press conference at his official residence in the capital on Saturday morning.


According to the notification, the lockdown will be effective from 8 am on Monday to 12 noon on April

11. After the announcement of the lockdown, a huge crowd of people has been noticed in the markets, trains, buses and launch stations of the capital. Many are returning to the village on a seven-day holiday.


Many who came to Dhaka for work are returning to the village. However, the largest crowds have been

noticed in the capital’s daily necessities markets. This crowd is fearing a higher rate of infection.

The infection has reached such a level that



The capital’s Kavid-19

dedicated hospitals are struggling to cope with the crowds. About 98 percent of

the patients have been admitted to the hospital. It is believed that the government’s high command has decided to lock down immediately to curb the infection.

The concerned ministries and departments were not aware of the lockdown till the announcement of the

bridge minister. Earlier, the government had declared a ‘general holiday’ from March 26 to April 4 last year in the face of corona infection. Later, the leave was extended till May 31. As such, the first ‘lockdown’ was officially announced yesterday.


Expert opinion,

The idea of ​​many public health experts is that even if the seven-day lockdown is officially announced, it will gradually increase. Because the issue of seven days lockdown is not scientific. So it has to increase.

In their opinion, the decision of lockdown by keeping some institutions closed and some institutions open is also not scientific.


The idea of ​​a lockdown has not diminished from the idea of ​​infection control. Rather various mismanagement may be created. This could make the situation worse. They think that both economic and health problems can be catastrophic.



Will remain open,

Government offices and courts will remain open, but attendance will be limited: Secretaries of various ministries and departments held an emergency virtual meeting chaired by Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam yesterday afternoon to decide what restrictions will be imposed on the lockdown. Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister Ahmed Kaikaus also attended the meeting.


The meeting has made several decisions regarding lockdown. A summary of these decisions will  prepared and sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for approval. With the approval of the Prime Minister, it will  issued in the form of a notification.



According to cabinet sources,

This time there will be no general holiday in the government office-court like last year in lockdown.

However, the attendance of officers and employees will be less than 50 percent. You have to go to work in private car or in the vehicle of the concerned office.


Public movement will  strictly controlled. The movement of people from one district to another and from one upazila to another will  ‘strictly’ controlled. For this, bus-train and launch will  closed. All inter-district public transport will  closed.


The district administration and law enforcement agencies will strictly implement these instructions. All types of shopping malls will also  closed. However, the shops in the neighborhood will be open from 7 am to 6 pm. Mosques, temples and religious institutions will not be closed. However, during the lockdown, prayers and other religions have to  offered at home. This will continue for the next one week.



The notification mentions a total of 18 restrictions,

1. All types of public transport will  closed. Public transport includes road, sea, rail and domestic flights. However, this restriction will not apply to passengers traveling abroad or from abroad.

Transportation of goods, production system, emergency services will continue.


2. Law and order, Relief distribution, Health services, Electricity, water, gas, fire services, Ports activities, Telephones and

Offices dealing with the Internet, postal services and other essential and essential goods and services will be exempt from their staff and vehicle restrictions.


3. All government, semi-government, autonomous offices and courts and private offices will  able to arrange for a limited number of manpower to  brought to the office for their own transport only to carry out emergency work.


Industrial factories and construction works will continue. Industrial workers have to  transported by their own factories. Factories including BGMEA and BKMEA will have to introduce field hospitals for workers.


4. Purchase of medicines and necessities, medical services, any other work except cremation from 6 pm You can’t go out of the house till 8 in the morning.


5. Only food can  sold and served in food shops and hotel restaurants. You can’t sit there and eat.


6. Other services, including shopping malls, will  closed. But with mobile phone or online order be able to deliver the product. No one can be physically present.


7. Raw bazaars and daily necessities can  bought and sold in the open from 8 am to 4 pm in accordance with the hygiene rules.


8. Bangladesh Bank will take steps to keep the banking system open to a limited extent.


9. The Armed Forces Department will take steps to set up a field hospital in Dhaka.



More said,

10. District and field level administrations across the country will take steps to implement the above guidelines. Law enforcement will intensify patrols.


11. Strict legal action will  taken against those who disobey this order.


13. Isolation of coronavirus or coronavirus should  ensured And others who come in contact with the infected person must ensure quarantine.


14. All government and non-government offices, institutions and industries except those engaged in emergency services should  run with 50 percent manpower.

Pregnant, sick, people over 55 years of age need to arrange work from home.


15. Meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops should  organized online as much as possible.


16. In case of any kind of public examination that has to  done in person, proper hygiene rules must  ensured.


17. Hotels and restaurants can accommodate half the capacity.


18. All hygiene rules, including wearing a mask, must  followed throughout the entry and exit workplace.



What Sheikh Hasina said,

In her address to the Parliament on Sunday afternoon, Sheikh Hasina said, “The second wave of Corona is going on. Everyone must come forward to deal with it.” “Older people used to  infected but now young people and children are being infected,” he said.“People will have some problems handling the second wave.

But even then life is much bigger. Life is before. People’s lives must  saved. “He also spoke of some instructions, hygiene rules must  obeyed, masks must  worn, social distance must  maintained.

Weddings, ceremonies must all  stopped. Avoid places where there are crowds.

If you go to the market or out, you have to take hot water vapor back home.

Tourism is completely off.

If someone comes from abroad by plane, he has to quarantine.

Has started moving freely. These need to  stopped.

Meanwhile, 58 more people have died of the deadly coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

A total of 9,213 people died in Corona.



In the last twenty-four hours,

At the same time, in the last 24 hours, another 5,683 new cases of corona infection  detected.


The total number of corona cases in the country increased to 7 lakh 30 thousand 26 people.

At the same time, the detection rate in the last 24 hours as compared to the sample test is 23.15 percent . In contrast, another 2,374 people infected with corona have recovered.

Through this, a total of 5 lakh 49 thousand 85 people infected with corona recovered.


The first corona infection  detected in the country on March 6 last year. On April 1, it exceeded 6 lakh.

The next day, April 2, the Department of Health identified 7,630 new patients . This is the highest contagion in the country in one day.


One died on March 17 last year, 10 days after the first patient  identified.

The death toll on March 31 this year exceeded 9,000 . On June 30 last year, 84 people died in one day. This is the highest death toll in this disease in one day.






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