On condition that Russia agrees to sit down with Ukraine

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Russia has launched an offensive in Ukraine since Thursday. Russian troops entered Ukraine from the north, south and east, and there were reports of Russian missile strikes on major cities and army bases.


On condition that Russia agrees to sit down with Ukraine


Global New News Desk –
On condition that Russia agrees to sit down with Ukraine . Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia had agreed to hold talks with Ukraine in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.




But he says Ukraine must first declare a “neutral position” – which will include “demilitarization.” Russia has always said it does not want Ukraine to join NATO.



Ukraine has called for talks with President Vladimir Putin, but there has been no indication that he will agree to talks on Russian terms.




Minsk is important as a venue for talks. This is because in 2014, an agreement was signed in Minsk in an attempt to end the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine.



With the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian leader virtually broke that agreement.




Looking back

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said there would be no talks unless Ukrainian troops took down their weapons.




As the diplomatic efforts of the western countries continue, so does Russia’s military equipment around Ukraine. Putin’s country is gaining strength day by day on all three sides of the border.



Amid rising tensions on Saturday, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin had an hour-long phone conversation. The latest in a series of attempts to avoid an explosive situation, Reuters reports.



Russia is conducting large-scale naval exercises near the Crimean peninsula amid concerns that war could break out in the West.



The United States has said in a statement that it had received reports that more than a million Russian troops had gathered on the Ukrainian border, raising fears that an operation could begin soon.



Analysts have warned that Russia’s use of military equipment is a threat to Ukraine in the face of desperate diplomatic efforts to avoid war.



However, a CNN report said there was no clear picture of where the attacks could start from, adding that Russia had put pressure on Ukraine from three sides.



The report analyzes Russia’s military build-up on all three sides of Ukraine and analyzes the situation in which possible attacks could be attempted.



In the south, Crimea, part of Russia bordering the two countries, and in the north, Belarus have been under increasing pressure, the report said.



Ukraine and Western intelligence are monitoring the three areas as battlefields. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”




Eastern Ukraine,

The Donetsk and Luhansk regions are being monitored with the utmost care. Ukrainian forces have been fighting Russian-backed separatists in the region since 2014.



The idea of ​​those who are reviewing Russia’s movements is that Moscow could increase its forces in areas under its control. This will make the eastern part of Ukraine the easiest place to start the occupation campaign.



The report, citing satellite images from CNN, said Russian tanks, artillery and other weapons had been evacuated from a large military base in the Ilania area.



They have recently been moved closer to the battlefields.



At the end of 2021, a large quantity of arms was collected at that army base. These include about 600 tanks, infantry armored vehicles and ballistic missiles.




As seen in several videos on social media, by train and by road, these weapons were taken further south in the Bryansk region near Ukraine.




The CNN report said the vehicles, weapons and ammunition had been identified at the Illinois military base.




Stephen Wood, senior director of Maxer, a company that provides satellite imagery, told

CNN: “I think a lot of vehicles (tanks, automatic artillery and other vehicles) have moved

out of the northeastern park, and some more armored vehicles have left the central park. Left. ”



At the same time, fears have been heightened by increased activity in the Kursk and

Belgorod oblasts areas on the northeastern border.



“We are seeing a huge influx of military vehicles and military mobilization in Kursk,” said

Konrad Muzika, an expert at Rochan Consulting, a consultancy firm that specializes in

identifying military movements.



“Russia’s most powerful weapon is the First Guards Tank Army,” Philip Karbar of the

Potomac Foundation, a Washington-based think tank that closely monitors the movements

of Russian troops, told CNN this month.



“The unit is usually located in Moscow but has been moved 400 kilometers south. The Kursk-Kiev route is being mobilized in favorable areas for a rapid increase in military strength. ”





The country, which has good relations with Moscow, has raised fears that a large Russian military presence in Belarus could be another way to launch an attack on Ukraine.



Russia and Belarus begin a 10-day joint military exercise last Thursday Has done. Concerns have been raised in the West over the scope and timing of the election.



The report says that Moscow has held the largest military gathering in Belarus since the Cold War.



On February 3, NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg said that “approximately 30,000

infantry, Spetsnaj Special Operations Force, fighter jets with SU-35s, dual-capacity missile

Iskander and S-400 defense systems  deployed.”




According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), this is the largest

exercise by the Belarusian armed forces at any time of the year.




Russia’s Defense Ministry has claimed that the exercise  aimed at “preventing external aggression” and  named “Allied Resolve-2022”.




Russia’s goal is to advance from the north to Kiev, which many fear will increase its military might. Earlier this month, a European diplomat told CNN that the army rally was a cause for “great concern.”



CSIS warns that the joint exercise will largely cover up military movements in northern Ukraine through Belarus.




According to CNN, satellite images released by Maxar show Russia deploying troops in several areas of Belarus.




The rally may  related to a joint exercise, but several images show it being camped near the Ukrainian border, hundreds of miles from the exercise area.




However, if Russia chooses the Belarusian border to launch an operation in Ukraine, it will be difficult, CNN reports.




Russian troops will have to confront Pinsk Marsh, known as Pripet Marsh, Europe’s largest wetland, standing on the border between Belarus and Ukraine. The area of ​​this dense forest is one lakh 40 thousand square miles.






Occupied in 2014, the peninsula could become a normal battleground for Russia to launch any new campaign. But it is unclear whether Russia will invade Ukraine from Crimea.




Maxer’s observations revealed a large army rally, with more than 500 tents and hundreds

of military vehicles found north of the Crimean capital, Simferopol.




In a satellite image last Thursday, Maxar marked for the first time the deployment of new

troops and the presence of military vehicles in the town of Slavoni on the northwestern coast of Crimea.



The day the new military assembly came to light, a number of Russian warships arrived in

the Crimean main port of Sevastopol. The country’s defense ministry later posted pictures

of six large ships anchored at the port.



According to CNN, CSIS analysts say Russian troops could enter the Ukrainian port city of Odessa in northwestern Crimea directly with warships.




However, CSIS said in such an attempt, “there is a high risk of success, but there is a high

risk,” and that the city’s defense forces would try to prevent it in the populous city of Odessa.



At the same time, Russian forces must first dismantle Ukraine’s air defenses and then

establish links with troops coming from the east of the country.





On condition that Russia agrees to sit down with Ukraine


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