Parimani case: Five arrested including Jatiya Party leader

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Parimani rape and attempted murder case: Nasir was expelled from Dhaka Boat Club, Nasir was hiding in Nasir's house with three female companions, what happened that day, Parimani said,

Parimani case: Five arrested including Jatiya Party leader

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A case was filed in Savar police station on the charge of ‘rape and attempted murder’ filed by the actress Parimani in Bangladesh. After that, the detective police arrested 5 people including the main accused.

The businessman, identified as Nasir Uddin,  arrested from his Uttara residence, said Harun-ur-Rashid, joint commissioner of detective police. The rest  also detained from the same place.

At this time Mr. Police said drugs  also recovered from Uddin’s house.

All the arrested  taken to the Intelligence Department office at Minto Road in Dhaka.


Police spokesperson Sohail Rana told BBC Bangla that Parimani had lodged her written complaint in the morning. His case was then recorded. Then they went out on a few teams.

It is learned that Parimani has brought charges of rape and attempted murder against six persons in the case.

Two of them are named and the other four are anonymous.

Police officials from Rupnagar police station went to his house to record the allegations after he reported the allegations of rape and attempted murder through a Facebook status and press conference last night. The case  later registered at Savar police station.

What happened that day, said Parimani ,

He made the allegation to reporters at his home around 10pm on Sunday. Parimani said that last Wednesday Parimani wanted to go to see her own costume designer Jamie’s sick mother. Hearing this, Ami also wants to go with Pari and Jamie. On her way to see Jamie’s mother, Ami went to the Uttara Boating Club and told her she had some work to do. Ami then took Nasir Uddin Mahmud to the club in Birulia. At that time the man introduced himself as the president of Dhaka Boat Club. After sitting there for 10 minutes, Jamie  stopped as soon as he went to the washroom. At that time four or five people including Nasir Uddin Mahmud came and offered alcohol to the fairy. But when Parimani refused, they tried to force her to drink alcohol and slapped her. Attempts  also made to kill the fairy by striking her. Parimani said that Amio  also involved in the incident.

He added, “Four or five people present, including Nasir Uddin, started harassing me in various ways. Stuck me Trying to make him unconscious by forcing him to eat something intoxicating. Jimmy is beaten. Obscene talk is called. She also threatened to kill him. ‘Parimani also alleged that Nasir Uddin tried to have sex with her by force.


Nasir expelled from Dhaka Boat Club ,

Nasir U Mahmud has  expelled from the executive committee of Dhaka Boat Club. At the same time, Tuhin Siddiqui Ami and Shah S Alam’s club membership has been suspended.

The decision  taken at a virtual meeting of the executive committee of the boat club on Monday. Committee President. Eight more members of the committee were present at the meeting, which  chaired by Benazir Ahmed. Club adviser Rubel Aziz also attended the meeting.

The committee has taken this decision in view of the unfortunate incident that took place centering on popular actress Parimani and Nasir U Mahmood.
A three-member committee has  formed to investigate the allegations. The committee will submit a report to the boat club authorities within the next 72 hours.
Secretary of Dhaka Boat Club Limited Lt. Commander Md. This information  given in a press release signed by Tahsin Amin, BN (Retd.).


Nasir was hiding in Amir’s house with three female companions ,


Nasir Uddin Mahmud, an industrialist and entertainment and cultural member of Dhaka Boat Club, accused in the case of rape and attempted murder of actress Parimani,  hiding in Amir’s house with three female companions.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Detective Branch (DB) arrested them from their house at No. 13, Road No. 12, Sector 1, Uttara, on Monday afternoon. The other four arrested are Ami, Amir’s girlfriend Snigdha, Nasir’s partner Lipi and Sumi.

DMP’s Joint Commissioner of Detective Police (DB-North) Harun Aur Rashid told the media. He said, ‘This is Amir Basa, the bride’s costume designer. Nasir had been hiding in the house with three female companions since his girlfriend’s press conference. We have also arrested the three on charges of drug possession. ‘
He said, “He held a press conference on Sunday night about the incident of rape and attempted murder of his girlfriend. Immediately after the press conference, we started preparing for the campaign. However, the detective police did not take action as no case was registered at night. We arrested the accused after confirming the case filed at Savar police station.

Regarding the accused Nasir Uddin Mahmud, the police officer said that there have  cases of drug and women abuse against Nasir before. There are reports that he  expelled from Uttara Club on various charges. If anyone complains against him, we will investigate. Sources, BBC






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