RAB-12 has arrested one person along with 200 pieces of yaba in Tangail, Bangladesh

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RAB-12, CPC-3, Tangail arrested one person along with 200 pieces of yaba. According to RAB, the company commander of RAB-12, CPC-3, Tangail, Assistant Superintendent of Police Md. Ershadur Rahman led the operation.

The expedition team raided the paved road in front of Joy Gopal Sweets Store under Elenga Over Bridge in Kalihati Upazila of the district.

At this time, including two hundred pieces of yaba. A man named Nur Islam (24) was arrested. He is from Chunutia village of Kalihati upazila of Tangail district. Jamal’s son.

1 mobile phone and 2 SIM cards were seized from him.

When questioned in front of the witnesses, the accused said that for a long time, Yaba has been illegally collecting drugs and supplying them for sale in other police stations including Kalihati police station in Tangail district.

The arrested accused has been supplying yaba to various drug addicts as per their demand and encouraging the youth to use drugs through mobile phone communication in Kalihati police station area of ​​Tangail district and surrounding police station areas.

A case has been filed against the accused at Kalihati police station in Tangail district.


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