RAB-12 has rescued a pipe gun in Pabna, Bangladesh

Global New News EN.. , PIC ,.393 - RAB-12 has rescued a pipe gun in Pabna, Bangladesh
Global New News EN.. ,

RAB-12 has rescued a pipe gun in Pabna, Bangladesh


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RAB-12 has recovered domestic weapons in Pabna, Bangladesh. RAB-12, CPC-3, Tangail’s acting company commander Assistant Superintendent of Police Md. The campaign was led by Ershadur Rahman.

Chatmohar of Pabna district,

An expedition team found 01 (one) weapons lying in a bush under a juniper tree adjacent to the paved road from Chatmohar railway line to the west of Chatmohar railway line about

100 yards southwest of the house of Qiyam Uddin (50), father of late Intaz Ali in Kachugari Purbapara village under Chatmohar police station in Pabna district. Rescued. but .so .and .because .also .


Witnesses a) Md. Moniruzzaman (40), father: A. Halim Sarkar, b) Md. Sagar Hossain (33),

father – Md. Azizul Haque Sang-Kachugari, Thana-Chatmohar, District-Pabna were rescued in front of them also.

but .so .and .because .also .

Pipe gun,

The weapon is a home-made pipe pipe 4 feet long with a wooden butt, the iron part of

which is 2 feet 11 inches and the wooden part is 1 foot 9 inches long so.

The recovered domestic weapon ensured security and was handed over to Chatmohar police station in Pabna district.

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Global New News EN. ,. PIC ,.393 - RAB-12 has rescued a pipe gun in Pabna Bangladesh
Global New News EN. ,.

but .so .and .because .also .

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)  a vigilante force formed to suppress internal terrorism

in Bangladesh.also This law enforcement force under the Ministry of Home Affairs was formed

on March 26, 2004 and started its activities on April 14 of the same year. also RAB was formed

with members of Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force so. RAB  headquartered in Uttara, Dhaka so.

but .so .and .because .also .

RAB’s motto -also The lowest engraved Bangladesh in the monogram is my pride RAB’s motto.

Encouraged  this motto, every member of the RAB  always determined to build a happy and prosperous country free from terrorism so.

but .so .and .because .also .

Since its inception, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has been playing a leading role in

bringing all kinds of criminals under the purview of the law with a view to maintaining the

overall law and order situation in the country so. also The RAB has been conducting regular raids to

nab militants, terrorists, organized criminals, kidnappers, gamblers, drug dealers,

murderers and kidnappers ‍so. but .so .and .because .also .

but .so .also .because .and .

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