Recruitment of police constables under new policy: IGP

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Recruitment of police constables under new policy: IGP



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Inspector General of Police (IGP) said. Addressing police personnel on the ground, Benazir Ahmed said, “Police constables are being appointed under the new policy. It needs to be done efficiently and efficiently. We are a useful constable of Bangladesh Police by reviewing the recruitment policies of different neighboring countries and many developed countriesI have formulated a recruitment policy. As a result, we will be able to recruit more qualified police personnel in the post of constable. Soon people will appointed as police sub-inspectors and sergeants according to the new policy.



The IGP was delivering a concluding speech at a three-day crime review meeting last Tuesday (September 14). The meeting, held at the Hall of Integrity at the Police Headquarters, was attended by all the Additional IGs, Range DIGs, Metropolitan Commissioners, SPs of all districts,

Deputy Commissioners of the metropolitan areas.


The IGP issued a stern warning on corruption and drugs, saying, “No member of the police can have any connection with drugs.” If anyone has any kind of association with drugs then he should come out. Strict action will  taken against any police member if he found to  involved in drug trafficking, drug dealing or collusion with drug dealers. As a member of the police, nothing can be done that harms the police force, harms the country, harms the people of the country. ‘



Inspector General of Police (IGP) said. Addressing the police personnel on the ground, Benazir Ahmed said that social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should  strictly monitored regularly so that no citizen becomes a victim of cyber crime. He also directed the police officers and members to follow the instructions given by the government and the

police force in using social media.


Recently, a circle in the country and abroad is spreading various kinds of grievances against the state, Bangabandhu family, government, judiciary, industrialists and other institutions and individuals established in the society  using social media. Although the hired cyber criminals can  identified, these criminals are not being controlled as they are out   country and there no accountability on social media. The IGP gave this message to the members of the field police at the crime conference, highlighting the news published in some of the leading media including Bangladesh Pratidin and insisting on holding the social media accountable in this regard.



The IGP further said, “Under the clear direction of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, we  committed building a corruption-free police force for the welfare of the country and the people.” If any member of the police found

guilty of corruption, he will not  released. ‘



Referring to the Bangladesh Police as an orderly force, the IGP said, “Discipline and welfare of the forces is not an issue. Discipline cannot  equated with welfare. No compromise can  made on maintaining the discipline of the forces. If any police member breaks the discipline, exemplary strict action should  taken against him. At the same time, we are trying our best to ensure their welfare. ‘He added,’ Juniors have to supervise the work. Senior colleagues have a responsibility to make them a worthy member of the police force. ‘



“Bit policing is an effective way to bring police services to the doorsteps of the people,” he said. Benazir Ahmed said, ‘Many social crimes can  prevented through bit policing. He directed the field officials to take action to curb theft, robbery and other crimes through bit policing.



Emphasizing on innovative policing, the Chief of Police said, “Innovative tactics need to  used in policing. We need to increase the practice of best practice in the police. ’He said,‘ We have to try to leave our footprint wherever we work; So that people remember us, remember. ‘


The police chief called for a change in the treatment of ordinary people, saying, “We need to refrain from inhumane treatment of people.” This requires a change of perspective. And it can done now. It does not require any time or financial investment. ‘Mentioning the main responsibility of the police to properly investigate the case, the IGP said,’ The quality of case investigation needs to  further enhanced. Must be extremely attentive to the investigation.

Supervision must  increased. ‘



Dr. Benazir Ahmed said, “The use of illegal weapons and the illegal use of legal weapons must  stopped. At present mega projects  being implemented in different parts  the country. Many foreign nationals are working on these projects. They need to ensure proper security. Shortly after the union council election. Preparations must  made now so that the law and order situation does not deteriorate there. ‘


He added: “It’s not just a matter of getting a job. Pride must  brought to the job.

The IGP compared the police force to a banyan tree,

saying, “The bigger the organization, the bigger it will

be.” The country and the people of the country will get

better services from it. ‘              







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