Recruitment trade allegation against municipal mayor in Bangladesh


News Desk –
Twelve councilors have filed a petition with the deputy commissioner seeking suspension of recruitment activities against Tangail’s Ghatail municipal mayor Shahiduzzaman Khan. Apply today on Tuesday (December 22).
According to the written complaint, a person is being appointed as Assistant License Inspector in Ghatail Municipality. But at present there is no need to appoint any person in the municipality. With the manpower that is available, the activities are going on properly. If the number of officers and employees is more, the salary allowance of all will be stopped. It is not possible to implement development activities with the income from one’s own revenue. At present, the revenue has decreased due to the corona virus. In the meantime, it is not appropriate to recruit people. But the mayor is in the process of appointing his close relative, Russell Mia, as an assistant licensing inspector for money laundering. No councilor is aware of the appointment. On the other hand, there has been no official meeting in the municipal council for about 10 months. Therefore, they made a written request to the Deputy Commissioner to take necessary steps to suspend the recruitment process. It is learned that the recruitment notification for the post of Assistant License Inspector was published in 2016 and after a long time, the recruitment examination is scheduled to be held on December 24 this year.
Ghatail Municipality Mayor Shahiduzzaman Khan said the recruitment process is going on as per the government rules. There is no need to discuss the appointment in the municipal council meeting.
Tangail Deputy Commissioner Md. Ataul Gani said, “I have not received the complaint yet, I will look into the matter if I get it.”