Rose coral on the sea floor, like a work of art

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Rose coral on the sea floor, like a work of art


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A global team of swimmers finds the coral reef. They were led by a French photographer named Alexis Rosenfield. He was overwhelmed to see the coral reef in front of his eyes. Rosenfield commented, “It was fascinating to see the huge rose corals. By the end of the line of sight they were scattered. It’s like a work of art.





As far as can  seen, rows of eye-catching corals. At the bottom of the sea these corals are in the shape of roses. This coral, which covers an area of ​​three kilometers, is really eye-catching. Surprisingly, the corals are still intact in the face of global warming. Experts say they are protected  the deep sea.





Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports that the coral reef found on the island of Tahiti in the

Pacific Ocean. It took about 25 years to fully develop. Some of these corals are huge. They are more than two meters in diameter.





Meanwhile, rising sea temperatures have created a hostile environment for corals around the world. It is losing their eye-catching color. The same thing happened at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Since 2016, 80 percent of the coral has  destroyed.





According to UNESCO, coral reefs can reach a maximum depth of 25 meters in warm water. However, the depth of the coral reef in Tahiti is between 30 and 120 meters. Light can reach this depth well, which is enough for the coral to grow and survive.




The discovery of Tahiti’s coral reefs suggests there may be larger coral reefs in the oceans. Because, according to UNESCO scientists, only 20 percent of the ocean floor has  exposed so far.





Rose coral on the sea floor, like a work of art