Significant news of the Ukraine-Russia war

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Russia has launched an offensive in Ukraine since Thursday. Russian troops entered Ukraine from the north, south and east, and there were reports of Russian missile strikes on major cities and army bases.



Significant news of the Ukraine-Russia war



Ukraine war with Russia:


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Significant news of the Ukraine-Russia war . Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Ukraine’s military to overthrow its own government. They claim that 200 Ukrainian special forces soldiers were killed and that no one was killed or wounded by Russia. The BBC could not confirm the truth
Ukrainian military vehicles have entered the city to repel Russian troops entering Kiev from around.



Ukraine’s Interior Ministry says volunteer fighters have been given 16,000 guns and the ability to make Molotov cocktail bombs.


The UK’s armed forces minister told British lawmakers that 194 Ukrainians, including 450 Russian soldiers and 57 civilians, had been killed since the attack began.
Ukraine says more than 1,000 Russians have been killed since the attack began – a statement that has not been verified.



Kremlin says Russia agrees to hold talks with Ukraine in Minsk, Belarus
The main focus of the talks will be on Ukraine’s declaration of a “neutral position” and the inclusion of Ukraine’s “demilitarization”, but it is not clear whether Ukraine agrees to the terms.



The Prime Minister of Poland has said that the planes of Russian Airlines will not be able to use their skies



The UN refugee agency says an estimated 100,000 people have already fled their homes in Ukraine. And if the war escalates, they fear up to 5 million people will be displaced in Ukraine.



Russian President Vladimir Putin is addressing the Russian Security Council, where he is indirectly targeting the Ukrainian military.



In his speech, he mocked the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian president, calling them “neo-Nazis” and “anti-Russian forces” in the Second World War, “bandits.” Russia is covering up its behavior by using these ordinary people as a shield, accusing them of killing peace-loving people.



“It simply came to our notice then. America is giving them advice above all else. ”



He then spoke to the Ukrainian military.


“To the armed forces of Ukraine, I would like to say again: do not allow these neo-Nazis to use your children, your wives, your old people as human shields.



“Take power into your own hands. It would be much easier for us and you to reach an agreement than to talk to that masked and neo-Nazi group in Kiev. ”



Ukraine-Russia crisis: Russian troops seize Chernobyl nuclear power plant



Ukraine’s president has warned that another catastrophe, like Chernobyl’s, could erupt if Russian forces continue their offensive.



Ukrainian officials say the Russian military has taken control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.



Mikhail Podoliak, a presidential adviser, said Thursday’s “completely meaningless attack” posed “Europe’s most significant risk” at the moment.



The 1989 Chernobyl power plant explosion is considered one of the worst nuclear disasters in human history – both loss and death.



Ukraine’s president has warned that another catastrophe, like Chernobyl’s, could erupt if Russian forces continue their offensive.


On Twitter, President Zelensky wrote: “Our defenders are sacrificing their lives to prevent a repeat of the 1989 tragedy.”



“It’s a declaration of war against the whole of Europe.”

Ukraine’s foreign minister has also warned that another “environmental catastrophe” could erupt in Chernobyl.



Chernobyl’s “excluded zone” – a 32-kilometer radius around the nuclear power plant – is still an uninhabited area 36 years after the eruption.


A massive explosion in 1986  caused by a faulty reactor.


The other three power plant reactors  shut down in 2000 and  in a state of disrepair ever since.


After a series of HBOs in 2019, the area gained popularity as a tourist attraction.


Radioactivity in the region has been alarmingly high since the 1986 eruption.


Russian troops reportedly entered the “exclusion zone” on Thursday before entering Ukraine.


The White House said in a statement that it had received information that Russian troops had taken the workers hostage.


Chernobyl is located 130 kilometers (60 miles) north of the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The city could be a possible way for the invading forces to enter Kiev, the capital.



Samantha Turner, a security fellow at the Truman National Security Project, a US-based security think tank, said the area was not significant in determining the course of the war, but it did provide access to the Nipro River.



The Russian forces can.

The river connects Belarus to the north and Kiev to the south.


Ms Turner said: “This is an important path for them. It will give the army a new way to move forward and control important areas.”


The power plant is not operational and there are no people living in the area. However, Ms Turner warned that the emission of radioactive waste could begin if direct war broke out there.


But Claire Corkhill, a professor of radioactive waste at the University of Sheffield, said the Russians were one of the world’s most experienced nuclear operators.


For the past six years, he has been working with an international team set up to control Chernobyl’s radioactive waste. He has also visited the power plant three times.


The team has built a 32,000-ton dome around the radioactive reactor, which  built by more than 30 countries at a cost of about 1.5 billion.


Ms Corkhill fears the operation in Ukraine will hamper these activities.


“It’s been 30 years since the accident. We still haven’t completely cleared the radioactive waste. There’s still at least 50 years of work left,” he told the BBC.


“If people can’t work properly in that setting, it can create big problems.”


Many believe that the 1986 eruption five years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Dr Taras Kuzio, a fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, a UK national security think tank, said the capture of Chernobyl was a symbolic victory for President Putin.


“Putin is a man with a mentality that never accepted the break-up of the Soviet Union 30 years ago. And that break-up began five years ago with the Chernobyl disaster,” said Dr. Cuzio.





Significant news of the Ukraine-Russia war


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