SP has taken charge of the security of Sandhya Rani in Tangail, Bangladesh, DC gave the gift of Mujibvarsha

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Superintendent of Police Sanjib Kumar Roy has taken charge of the security of the indigenous woman Sandhya Rani of Ghatail and Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ataul Gani has allotted a house to the Prime Minister on the occasion of Mujibvarsha. Last Monday (January 18) at around 6 pm, they went to Malirchala village of Sandhya Rani Bari upazila.

The accused have been released on bail in the case filed by Sandhya Rani in connection with the incident. So he was suffering from insecurity in his home. Tangail Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police went there and talked to the victims and locals about the matter. Sandhya assured the safety of the queen and assured the perpetrators of proper justice. Asked what kind of security would be provided, Superintendent of Police Sanjib Kumar Roy said the evening queen would be at his house from today. He will be given the kind of security he wants.
We will always keep track of him on the phone. The police will come and meet him once in the morning and in the afternoon. Asked if there was any weakness in the statement of case, the superintendent of police said, “Section has been laid in the case according to what happened.” If we see in the investigation that a more serious crime has been organized, we can add a harder section to the police report. Tangail Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ataul Gani said those who have done wrong must be brought to justice according to the law.
Although the accused got bail through the court, it did not go beyond our observation. We found out that he does not have a house, what he has is the property of the forest department. In Mujib’s year, the Prime Minister’s gift of a landless and homeless project will be given to him within 30 days. We will ensure its economic security on behalf of the government. Today, he and my superintendent of police temporarily gave him 20,000 rupees.
He will be given all kinds of government facilities. Hekmat Sikd, the local UP chairman who was present at the time, also said that the accused were influential so they were threatening to evict the victim from the village after he was released on bail. In his statement, the deputy commissioner asked the chairman to give a certificate regarding the insecurity of the family. Meanwhile, Sandhya Rani got the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police by her side in the hope of getting justice. “I just want a fair trial for torture,” he said.