Terrible riots in three prisons in Ecuador, 72 killed

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At least 62 people were killed and several others injured in riots in three Ecuadorian prisons late Monday night. Authorities said the riots took place between gangs active rival gangs in the prison. News AFP.

Police Commander Patricio Carrillo described the situation as serious. Two firearms used by the rioters were seized from a jail.

Authorities in the country said on Tuesday that the riots took place in Guayaquil, Sienka and Latakunga prisons over a dispute between two rival gangs.

Ecuador’s Cara Edmundo Moncayo said 72 people had been killed in riots between the two sides in a prison camp leading to criminal activity. Authorities were able to bring the situation under control with the help of an additional 600 police.

Conflicts between rival criminal groups and prison riots are not new in Ecuador’s prisons. Such incidents occur occasionally in the country.

Officials say one of the three prisons is located in the western port city of Guayaquil. 21 people were killed there. During the riots, rioters clashed with law enforcement forces as they tried to take control of the jail. At this time, many concerned relatives gathered outside the jail to know the condition of the prisoners.

Edmando Monke, director of SNAI, the government agency responsible for managing Ecuador’s prisons, also said 33 more people had been killed in prisons in the southern Queensa area. The other eight were killed in a jail in central Latakunga.

This prison is like a market. There is everything there — drugs, weapons, even puppies. Everything is sold there.
Daniela Soria, wife of a prisoner in Guayquil Prison
“We want a list of those killed,” said Daniela Soria, 29, one of about 40 women gathered outside the Guayaquil prison. But my husband is not calling. ‘Many of the waiting relatives cried at that time.

Soria said she had previously received a message from her husband Ricardo on WhatsApp. There Ricardo said they were going to kill him, to get him out of here. He has not been contacted since.

Ricardo’s wife, Soria, added: “It’s like a market. There is everything there — drugs, weapons, even puppies. Everything is sold there. ‘

In the aftermath of the riots, President Lenin Moreno called the riots “violent” by members of criminal organizations.

Authorities say they tried to take control of the prisons during the riots. Army personnel were deployed to assist the police in quelling the riots. Several detainees were also injured in the clashes between members of the criminal group. Among them are two inmates at Guayquil Prison in critical condition.

Edmondo also told Mon that several policemen were injured during the riots. However, no members of the law enforcement forces were reported killed.