The day the beautiful and loving girl was abducted in Lucking, her father Lalaong was at sea


A little girl in locking. How simple is his face. You can’t look at his picture. I can’t look. He has gone beyond life by making us criminals. According to Lacking’s husband, claimant Ataullah, and his family, Lacking committed suicide. If he had done so, I would have called the incident a murder. From a legal point of view, it is definitely an incentive to commit suicide. Lacking’s father, Lala Aung Chakma, apparently pleaded guilty to murder. However, he did not file any case in this regard. Now just want to get the girl’s body and bury it according to one’s own religious beliefs. He does not appear to have filed a lawsuit alleging murder or incitement to suicide. Lala Aung filed the case after her daughter was abducted. He has the bitter experience of suing.

Lacking, a seventh grader, lived with his parents at Shilkhali Chakmapara in Baharchhara union of Teknaf upazila in Cox’s Bazar. He used to study in the local Shamlapur High School. What a sweet name! I really want to know the Bengali meaning of this sweet looking word. A Chakma in Lucking. So I took refuge in Dipayan Khisa to know the meaning of the name. Dipayan Da could not say the meaning, but said the word would be in Rakhine. My curiosity also increased. The Cox’s Bazar area is mainly inhabited by Rakhine. So the Chakma girl’s name may be in Rakhine language. I want to know the meaning of the word locking in from my university friend Mainthin Premilla. Premila said that the Rakhine language ‘Hla Khare Mein’ may have become ‘Luckingme’ to the Bengalis. The Bengali word for hla khare me may be ‘beautiful loving girl’. Patuakhali’s daughter Pramila’s father-in-law’s house is in Cox’s Bazar area, from where the village of Lakingam is not far. Premila also expressed doubts about whether the Lakings were Chakmas or Tanchangyas. However, I can see that Chakma is written in the case filed by Lucking’s father and in Luckingm’s birth registration certificate.

The day the beautiful and loving girl was abducted in Lucking, her father Lalaong was at sea. Went fishing. Ataullah, Yasin, Isa, Abuiya and four or five others from Teknaf’s Baharchhara Mathabhanga area picked him up from his house on January 5 this year. According to the birth certificate, he was 14 years and 10 months old on the day of the abduction. On the same day, local Union Parishad (UP) member Mohammad Hafeez was informed about the abduction. But the UP member did not take any action.

Lalaong received the news of the abduction of his daughter on his mobile phone. Reaching the deep sea, it might have been too late to get the news. He came running knowing that the darling girl had been abducted. Go to Teknaf police station to file a case. The police did not agree to take the case. At that time, the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Teknaf Police Station in Cox’s Bazar was retired in the murder case of retired Major Sinha and is currently in jail, Pradeep Kumar Das. Unable to file a case with the police station, Lala Aung filed a case with the Cox’s Bazar Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal on January 26. Then 11 months passed. At this time, the father is looking for his daughter. Finally, on December 9, Lalaong found his daughter Lucking. However, not alive, the body of his beloved daughter is lying in the morgue of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital. But Lalaong got in trouble when he went to take his daughter’s body for burial.

(Luckingham’s father)
Accused of kidnapping, child marriage and forcible conversion, Ataullah, who is now in jail, was dropped at the behest of Luckingham’s father. Ataullah claimed to be Chakma’s husband in Lucking and applied for the body. As a result, Luckingham’s father and husband have filed a petition in the court and Luckingham’s body has been lying in the morgue for the past two weeks. A Cox’s Bazar court has directed the RAB to bury the body after confirming the religious identity of the deceased, subject to investigation.

According to the newspaper, the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has been bizarrely negligent in investigating the case filed by her father without finding Luckmingme earlier. In a report to the Cox’s Bazar Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal on August 9, the PBI said the allegation of abducting Chakma was not found. On the contrary, a lucky man named Ankahlya Chakma was spotted in a garden with his girlfriend Nachima Akhter, Nachima Akhter’s friend Riaz Uddin and one of the accused Abbuiya and left the house in an unknown place for fear of possible consequences. However, at least five witnesses testified that Luckingme had been abducted from his home. If we accept the report submitted by the PBI for the sake of argument, then the police had the responsibility to find a four-eyed girl who ran away from home.

(Luckingham’s mother)
He ran away from home for fear of being scolded by his parents. Parents can talk, it is not always possible to explain the child. Besides, how many people talk, rivers, mountains, waterfalls. If a calf had called out to fourteen-year-old Luckingme, he would still have stood up. He does not know, there is a danger to lie in wait for him! Fleeing from the house in fear of locking, he was probably sitting behind some vines that were entangled in the back of the house. But his parents could no longer find him. Ataullah’s party may have picked him up from there. Neighbors told police. The police did not listen to the abduction on the pretext that they were relatives of Lucking. He said he had escaped by himself. They are girls running away from home he did not take responsibility for the search. Finally one day the girl was found in the morgue.


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