The end of all speculation, the beginning of the transfer of power in America


News Desk-
President Donald Trump has finally agreed to begin the formal process of handing over power to Joe Biden. The transfer of power in the United States is overseen by the Federal Agency General Service Administration (GSA).
The GSA says it is acknowledging that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appears to have won the election.
On the afternoon of Nov. 23, the Michigan Board of State canvassers approved the election results. The approval was passed by 3-0 votes. Two Democrats and one Republican board member Aaron Van Langveld voted in favor of the certificate. Another member of the Republican Party, Norm Schinkel, abstained
Trump, meanwhile, wanted to stop certification with people loyal to him in the state. But things changed quickly after Biden’s victory in Michigan on November 23 was officially ‘certified’.
Biden tweeted to GSA chief Emily Murphy, urging the administration to help prepare for the coup. Earlier, the GSA chief wrote a letter to newly elected President Biden. In the letter, he said the new administration would block federal funding and other benefits. The Biden team welcomed the start of the transfer process.