The letter that came 68 years later …..

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The letter that came 68 years later …..




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That letter came after 68 years ….. A letter It contains the news of the birth of a newborn. The couple wrote the letter informing the parents of the good news of the arrival of a new guest in the family. But the letter never reached the recipient’s address. Six years have passed since the letter crossed the Atlantic and reached the recipient’s door. The recipient of the letter has said goodbye.






Surprisingly this happened in the United States. According to a report in the US media Fox21 News local time last Tuesday, a letter was recently addressed to a woman named Susan Nordin, a resident of Minnesota. The letter was posted 6 years ago, in 1953, from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Written to the Edward Nelson couple in Minnesota.




Wrote their daughter and her husband.






According to the report, the Nelsons lived in the same house where Susan now lives. Later their daughter sold the house. After receiving the letter, Susan began searching for the recipient by posting on social media. He posted on the Facebook page of the Morgan Park community. You know, the recipient of the letter is dead. However, Susan was found by Connie Underholm, the granddaughter of the recipient of the letter. Underholm now lives in Ohio. This old letter was later handed over to him.

The letter that came 68 years later …..





Connie Underholm said Dad was working in Germany at the time. He went to Copenhagen with his wife. The couple’s son Jimmy was born there. They wrote letters to their parents from across the Atlantic announcing the good news of the birth of their child. That letter has reached the recipient’s address after so many days.






The recipient of the letter, Edward Nelson, was not only the couple, but Jimmy, whose letter was written after his birth, also died recently. Connie Underholm said of her brother, she died last August. If he had survived, we would have told him about this letter. I could show it. This letter, which is so many years old, has made me nostalgic.







However, the answer to the question of where the letter was for almost seven decades and why it has not reached the recipient address for so long remains unknown.




The letter that came 68 years later …..