The validity of mobile phones has been introduced in Bangladesh

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 No set used before July is being discontinued in Bangladesh, the validity of mobile phones has been introduced on a trial basis, handset registration with SIM will be introduced and the society and the state will be more secure  



The validity of mobile phones has been introduced in Bangladesh


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Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Mustafa Jabbar inaugurated the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) for mobile phone registration at a virtual event chaired by BTRC Chairman Shyam Sundar Sikder on Thursday (July 1).


The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has launched NEIR on a trial basis to curb the use of illegal handsets as well as mobile phone theft.


It was informed at the event that all mobile handsets will be operational by June 30 as part of the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) activities related to



mobile phone registration.


They will not  switched off after July 1 as they are automatically registered and will be verified through NEIR if any customer launches a new mobile phone without switching it off.


The handset will  automatically registered if valid. In addition, the introduction of NEIR will increase the revenue of the government along with the expansion of the domestic mobile phone industry.


Secretary of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications. Afzal Hossain said the introduction of NEIR would stop the import and sale of illegal and counterfeit handsets and reduce cyber crime.


He emphasized on a massive campaign to make the general public of the village aware of NEIR.


Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar advised all mobile phone users in the country to  registered and  ensure that consumers do not suffer or  harassed in any way.


He further said that with the introduction  biometric SIM registration, the culprits  being identified faster, adding that the introduction  handset registration  SIMs will make the society and the state more secure.


Noting that no set used by the customer has  discontinued since July 1, BTRC Chairman Shyam Sundar


Sikder said the successful implementation of the NIR has  facilitated by the media as well as the field administration.



Initiatives will  taken to inform the people.



However, he said that strict action would  taken against those involved in making, importing or selling illegal mobile phone sets.


You can find out about NEIR by dialing BTRC’s Helpdesk 100 or Mobile Operators’ Customer Care Number 121.


Note: From July 1, only Teletalk Offline and Banglalink, Grameenphone and Robi are starting this activity on an experimental basis.


What the customer has to do before buying or selling the handset


Before July 1, before buying a mobile handset through any means (sales center, online sales center, e-commerce), you have to check the validity in the


following way and also keep the purchase receipt.



Step-1: Go to the message option of the mobile phone and enter the IMEI number of KYD15 digits.


For example: KYD 123456789012345.


Step-2: After typing the IMEI number, send it to 16002.


Step-3: You will be able to know about the validity of the mobile handset through the return message.


Personally purchased or gifted handsets from abroad and all the other handset information available at NEIR  automatically activated on the network and online within ten days.


SMS will  given to register with information / documents. If properly registered at that time, the handset will  considered valid.


Mobile handset registration process purchased or gifted from abroad


Step-1: Register your personal account by visiting link.


Step-2: Go to the Special Registration section of the portal and give the IMEI number of the mobile handset.


Step-3: Upload a photo / scanned copy of the required documents (eg: passport visa / immigration information, purchase receipt etc.) and press the Submit button.


Step-4: The handset will  registered automatically if it  valid. If the handset  not valid, the customer will  informed via SMS and kept connected to the network for the test period.


If that time has elapsed, further action will taken as per the decision of the government.


This service can also  availed with the help of the nearest customer care center of the mobile operator. Existing luggage


According to the rules, a person can bring a maximum of two duty-free handsets from abroad and six more handsets subject to payment of duty.



The process of verifying the current status of the mobile handset used



Step-1: Dial * 16181 # from mobile handset.


Step-2: Select the Status Check option from the options displayed on the screen.


Step-3: Send the automatic box by typing the 15 digit IMEI number of the handset.


Step-4: Make sure an automatic box with yes / no option actually selects yes.


Step-5: Update status of the mobile phone used in the return message will  informed.


As the migration of IMEI numbers obtained from all mobile operators in the database of BTRC is currently


underway, it has  requested to verify the handset after July 15, 2021 also.


The process of de-registering a registered mobile handset


The handset can  transferred without de-registration for three months during the trial period.


Note that a customer can use any handset with any SIM registered in his name so.


Details about de-registration after trial period has elapsed Will  informed so.

At present, there are about 16 crore 41 lakh mobile phone subscribers in the country also.


About 1.5 crore mobile handsets  imported every year and about 20 million mobile phones  being integrated in the country so.   





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