The village that stays visible for one month a year like magic

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Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this beautiful village is called Kurdish. It is located near the hills of the Western Ghats. At one time, this village was a prosperous village in south-east Goa. The village is awakened by the current of Salaulim, the largest river in Goa. This village is seen once a year

For the past few decades, the Kurdish village has disappeared like magic every year. Again in May, is visible in front of people.

It’s a lot like magic. There is a village in Goa, India that is only visible for one month of the year. Besides, it remains submerged under water for the remaining 11 months.

The inhabitants of this village have now settled in other places. But whenever the water recedes, the old residents come to the village to have a good time.

According to local sources, the village was completely submerged for the first time in 1986 after the construction of the first dam in Goa. The village woke up like magic again in May when the water receded. The same thing has been happening every year since then.

It is known that at one time almost 3,000 people of all religions lived in this village. The place had several temples, mosques and a Christian chapel. The village was full of many kinds of plants and crops.

Thinking of the benefits of the state, the then government took the initiative to build a dam in the village. At that time the locals were forced to move elsewhere. The locals were then given land and compensation elsewhere.

Then the residents of this place could not leave the maya of their own residence even today. So in May, when the water receded, the old residents of the village came to see their lost home. Sutra, Samakal