Trump faces trial in Senate second round, 5 Trump lawyers step down

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A panel of lawyers in the US Senate has withdrawn before the impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump began. The country’s media reported this information on Saturday.

CNN reports, citing unnamed sources, that there are two of the resigned lawyers who are thought to have led the fight for Trump.

According to the report, the lawyer has resigned due to differences with Trump over legal strategy.

CNN added that Trump still wanted his lawyers to try to establish baseless claims of widespread election fraud.

According to CNN and other media outlets, the two Trumps who were supposed to lead were Butch Bowers and Debra Barbier. By agreement, they have left Trump’s legal team.

A panel of lawyers in the US Senate has withdrawn before the impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump began. Now there is a complication as there is no lawyer for him. The panel was supposed to fight for Trump to prevent impeachment in the second round. According to US media CNN, the five-member panel withdrew due to differences over legal strategies. Other US media outlets have also cited a lack of coordination between the two sides of the panel.

Jason Miller, a former Trump campaign adviser, told CNN that the Democrats’ move to impeach a deposed president is unconstitutional and shameful for the country. The 45 senators also voted, saying it was completely unconstitutional. We have a lot of work to do, but no final decision has been made about our legal team, which will be decided shortly.

Trump’s legal panel has created such a mess. It has been reported that a lawyer is not available in the second phase of the impeachment fight.

Trump has continued to claim that the election was rigged. The report also said that the impeachment court had pressured the lawyers to argue that the election was rigged.

Two top lawyers, Bach Brower and Deborah Barbier, were said to be on Trump’s side in the impeachment court. However, these two lawyers are no longer in favor of Trump. Trump’s split with lawyers came about through mutual negotiations. As chief attorney, Bach Brower was forming Trump’s legal team to deal with the impeachment court.

Trump’s last-minute aide, Rudy Giuliani, said he was no longer a lawyer in the case. Giuliani himself said he could be called as a witness in the case. Juliani demanded a দিনে 20,000-a-day fee for running Trump’s fake lawsuit. His relationship with Trump deteriorated in this incident.

On December 14, five people were killed in an armed attack on Trump’s Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Trump has been blamed for the attack. For this reason, on January 13, he was indicted in the US House of Representatives. This time Trump is facing trial in the second round in the Senate.