Ukraine-Russia: Russian troops in Kharkiv, the second largest city

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Ukraine-Russia crisis: Russia has launched an offensive in Ukraine since Thursday (February 24). Russian troops entered Ukraine from the north, south and east, and there were reports of Russian missile strikes on major cities and army bases.




Ukraine-Russia: Russian troops in Kharkiv, the second largest city



Global New News Desk –
Ukraine-Russia: Russian troops in Kharkiv, the second-largest city. Russian forces have entered Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, after seizing southern Melitopol, authorities say.


Russian troops have broken through the city’s siege and are reportedly fighting Ukrainian forces there.



After overnight missile strikes, Russian forces entered the city. A nine-storey residential building collapsed in the missile strike, the emergency department said.



As many as 60 residents have been saved by taking shelter in the basement of the building. However, an elderly woman died.



For the first time in Kharkiv, real ‘street fighting’ is happening: analysis

According to the BBC’s Paul Adams in Kharkiv, for the first time ever, Russian and Ukrainian troops are fighting in the streets.


Street fighting is very confusing and it is difficult to predict when it will happen.



Attack and defense – this war is a difficult test from both sides.

Some of the images released from the city show Ukrainian soldiers throwing rocket-propelled grenades at street corners, and Russian troops walking behind armored vehicles.




Paul Adams writes that in the last few days the Russian strategy has been to avoid the big cities, and apparently their intention was to enter the capital Kiev and change the government.




In the case of Kharkiv, perhaps a change has been made in that strategy.

The city of Kharkiv is very close to the Russian border, and there has always been a possibility that the city might  the first to  threatened by a Russian invasion.




Destroy the gas pipeline

Ukraine’s state news agency says Russian forces also destroyed a gas pipeline near the city.



Local Governor Oleh Sinegubov said the Russian vehicles that entered the city were light military vehicles.


The video, spread through social media, shows the presence of Russian military units in the city.



As seen in the video, a Russian military jeep is slowly advancing along a narrow road in the snow-covered Kharkiv. The ground troops are walking side by side.



Meanwhile, a video has been released in which two Russian military jeeps known as ‘Tiger’  set on fire. They  seen burning near an abandoned field.



This morning, Kharkiv authorities asked the city’s 1.5 million residents to take shelter. It has been advised not to go out on the streets.



A new explosion  heard west of the capital, Kiev. Just before that the siren sounded in the city.



Russia last night launched a missile attack on an oil refinery in the Vasilkiv region, 30 kilometers from Kyiv. Within moments the night sky in Kiev  illuminated by this explosion.



City residents have been warned about harmful chemical fumes. Residents  asked to keep their windows closed.



Earlier, it  reported that Russian subversive groups had infiltrated the capital, Kiev, and  active. A strict curfew  imposed in Kiev until Monday morning.
Thousands of Ukrainians are waiting to understand the situation, with the city’s subway station, car parking area under the building and basement so.



Six people, including a seven-year-old child,  killed in a Russian attack on a kindergarten school and orphanage in the northeastern city of Okhtiarka so.



So far, 198 Ukrainians have died in the fighting, according to the country’s health minister.



The United Nations says 120,000 people have fled Ukraine in 48 hours to escape the war. Many Ukrainians  crowded at the border to enter Poland so.




Men between the ages of 18 and 60 are staying in Ukraine to fight. Many children  separated from their families so.





Ukraine-Russia: Russian troops in Kharkiv the second largest city


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